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July 20, 2021

Jae Crowder

Phoenix Suns

Game 6: Postgame

Milwaukee Bucks - 105, Phoenix Suns - 98

Q. Obviously, you've been here and that's a good thing, but then you've been here and not been able to come away with a championship. Just what's your thoughts, feelings, emotions right now?

JAE CROWDER: Disappointment. Season's over. Just a lot of emotions right now, obviously. I don't even know how to get my words together. But I'm just disappointed, obviously, I'm hurt. That's all I got to say.

Q. When you look at this playoff run and look at it for the future, I know that's hard to do right now, but just what this type of run can mean for a young team going forward?

JAE CROWDER: Well I think for our younger players we can definitely just -- they're tasting that feeling of this stage and playing for, what you say in training camp, is for it all, you can build off of it. Obviously, you can use this as a stepping stone, especially for our organization to get back on the right path, our players to experience this early in their careers, it's great for them, obviously, and I'm happy for them. That motivation will continue to be with them as they train, just to chase this moment again. If you channel it the right way it can be beneficial.

Q. It was just another tight, down to the wire type game. Just what do you feel like were the biggest differences down the stretch that sort of created the outcome?

JAE CROWDER: I mean, a couple possessions I felt like -- I ain't even going to say that. I ain't even going to say it. They played well tonight. Obviously both teams struggled to shoot the ball from three. It came down to like a couple 50/50 balls, a couple offensive rebounds, couple of possessions that we felt like we were defending without fouling but we got called for it, and they made free throws tonight. So, all credit to those guys, they played well all series. They hung in there when they was down 2-0, they came back hit us in the mouth, and then hit us again in Game 5. Respect to those guys. I respect them. Yeah, it just came down to just making a few plays there late on the defensive end, I think we came up short.

Q. You guys came together rather quickly. You and Chris joined guys that hadn't been together that long. What was it about this group that allowed you to get as far as you did?

JAE CROWDER: I think guys wanted to be better. Guys wanted to be a respected team. Guys wanted to win. I think that we bought into what coach was preaching to us all year. I think it started at training camp, obviously some bumps in the road, but that's obviously what you get coming into a new team with new guys. But I think we bought into each other, I think we bought into the coaching style, we bought into our coach, our leader, guys just wanted to do better, wanted to win by any means necessary and I think that's what got us to this point.

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