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July 18, 2021

Aric Almirola

Loudon, New Hampshire

Front Stretch

An Interview with:

Q. What a clutch win in the dark for you. Puts you in the Playoffs. Picked a fine time to win the first-ever non-superspeedway win here at New Hampshire. Incredible, Aric. Did you see that performance coming this morning?

ARIC ALMIROLA: Honestly, I did. This is by far one of my favorite racetracks. I love coming up to the New England area and racing. I love this racetrack. I had this race won a couple years ago, and I gave it away. I lost it. I am so glad to win a race here with this race team.

God is so good, man. We've been through so much. I just stood the test, kept the faith. The team, everybody, they've just been working so hard. Smithfield, Ford, GoBowling, Pit Boss Grills, Shady Rays Sunglasses. There's been so many people that have just continued to support us through, like, the crappiest year ever. Man, that feels so good for them.

My pit crew did a phenomenal job on pit road. All the guys that work on this car, they just keep fighting, keep digging, bringing the best race car they can bring every week.

It is no doubt that we have struggled, but guess what, we're going Playoff racing.

Q. Maybe the hardest you've driven in your career, the last 50 laps, beat Ryan Blaney, Brad Keselowski and Christopher Bell in the end.

ARIC ALMIROLA: Yeah, that's what a race car driver lives for. For so long I've been so close to winning at some of these racetracks like here, Dover, I've let it slip away. I've honestly hated it. My wife has hated it worse than I have. She has always told me, Honey, I want you to win so badly at somewhere other than a restrictor plate racetrack.

We did it today. I'm so proud of everybody at Stewart-Haas Racing, Roush-Yates engine shops. We've been fighting, scratching, clawing. Man, this feels so good to have something pay off for all the hard work.

Just really happy. Man, this means so much. It's hard to explain it, but I love coming up here to New England. You fans are awesome in this area.

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