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July 18, 2021

Andy Sullivan

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Andy, thank you so much for joining us. Just a thought on the round today. Obviously, you weren't able to hole any birdies, which was the problem.

ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, pretty much all weekend. Thought I played really disciplined and played really nice. Just couldn't really get the putter going, which is disappointing to be in such a good position after a couple of rounds and to finish sort of midway. It's obviously massively disappointing, but I take the positives. My long game held up really well for four rounds, and I've just got to keep doing little bits of improvement on my putting.

Q. Was it a much bigger challenge the way the course was set up on the weekend?

ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, you knew it was going to get firm with the weather, and the pins got more tough. It was always going to be a challenge to get them close, and it's always going to be a bit more of you need to hole some footage in, and I just didn't do that really.

As much as it's disappointing and I'm a bit gutted now, I'm sure in a few days time I'll take the positives from it and move on stronger from it.

Q. After the first two rounds, you must have thought you had a good chance of maybe having your best finish.

ANDY SULLIVAN: I wasn't really thinking about anything. I thought if I could just continue putting the way I was, my long game normally does stand up. So I didn't feel under pressure with that.

Yeah, it's just disappointing that I just couldn't continue in the same vein with the blade as I did the first two days really. C'est la vie. I'm sure there will be many more opportunities, and I'll try to give myself the best opportunity next time.

Q. What's coming up for you next? Are you going to Antrim? Is that your next one?

ANDY SULLIVAN: I haven't looked at the schedule, to be honest, the next few weeks. Definitely taking a week off next week after playing four on this bend. Depends on my time off is when you'll see me next.

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