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November 19, 2004

Markus Brier

Martin Wiegele


GORDON SIMPSON: We have the Austrian team with us, Markus and Martin. Despite the bogey at the last, you're going to be in the final group tomorrow with England, and they obviously played well today. How do you feel about going out in the final group at the weekend?

MARKUS BRIER: Thank you. It's good, yeah, we played with them yesterday and it was good fun. Obviously when you play well.

Yeah, we were in the last group today and managed to get a good round together. We didn't play all too well, but yeah, it's good and it's good to get used to it, because if we are in the last group on Sunday again, it would be not that new to us.

MARTIN WIEGELE: Yeah, it's an honor to play with England on Saturday. And yesterday, we played with England in the same format like tomorrow with them, and we played very well. I mean, they are both great players, and I think if we can do like yesterday to just jump on the same ship, we could play very well again.

GORDON SIMPSON: Is that the sort of level that the two of you aspire to, to get into the Ryder Cup level and Top-50 in the world just like Paul Casey and Luke Donald?

MARKUS BRIER: Yeah, definitely. I think that's the goal of everybody player who is out there and wants to improve and get into the Top 50 and get into the Ryder Cup for the European or the U.S. players.

Yeah, we see, okay, we did it for two days; so we can do it for four days hopefully. Yeah, I mean, I've been playing for five years on Tour now and the game has to improve a little bit to really play every week with the boys who are in the Top-50.

MARTIN WIEGELE: It's a great experience for me. It's only the second year as a professional for me, and to play with the best players in the world is an honor. I think I can learn a lot from them and improve by doing so.

Q. Have you had much experience in foursomes prior to playing in the qualifier?

MARKUS BRIER: No. Although the last time I played foursomes was when I was an amateur in the European Team Championship, I think '94 or something, '95. And so, yeah, it's good fun. I actually would like to play a little bit more, but there are only a few events like this, probably Ryder Cup and the World Cup. But it's good fun, yeah.

Q. Martin, when did you last play?

MARTIN WIEGELE: For me it wasn't that long ago. It was Amateur three years ago and I always liked to play team events. We played very well at the Eisenhower Trophy 2002, and we played very well at the Spirit, as well, 2001, I think. Yeah, I mean, if you play really well, then you can get into a real good mood and then you can push each other and go very low.

GORDON SIMPSON: Well-played again today and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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