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July 16, 2021

Paula Miranda

Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA

Columbia Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Congratulations on such a good battle today.

PAULA MIRANDA: Thank you so much.

Q. Love to hear a little bit about the 17th hole.


Q. Yeah, take me through that, the emotions you were feeling out there.

PAULA MIRANDA: Yeah, it was our second play of hole. It was --

Q. How about in regulation, first when you were 1-down?

PAULA MIRANDA: Oh, yeah, okay. Yeah, I just thought I had the perfect club to hit it. I had to get -- hit it a bit short of that.

But I was, yeah, knew I had to birdie that hole to keep going. Yeah, just hit it -- I thought I hit it pretty short at first so that's why I made a weird face.

But then turned out to be perfect. Yeah, it was kind of shaking when I made the putt, but, yeah, it was many emotions there.

Q. What was it like to go head-to-head against Rose who's obviously a great player? What was what like today? You held your own.

PAULA MIRANDA: Yeah, of course. Before I tee'd off I was pretty nervous. That kind of wear off as I kind of became more comfortable with my game throughout the course.

Yeah, it was definitely tough. I know it's going to be very tough match.

I'm glad that I took it this far actually. I'm proud of myself. She's an amazing player, number one, so, yeah, of course I'm happy.

Q. And just the overall experience to make to the semifinal, and this was your first USGA Championship, right?


Q. Kind of tell me what you were feeling the entire week and the fact that you're now here with the medal in your hands.

PAULA MIRANDA: Yeah. Well, everyone comes to this tournament to win. Yeah, you have to come with that in mind to play well.

The first two days I didn't play great. I was 8-over almost at the cut, so when I pass I just thought, one day at time, one match at a time. I had some great matches, great players.

I made three of them to 18, so, yeah it was tough. But I'm really happy. I was nervous, happy, excited, stressed, everything this one. Yeah.

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