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July 16, 2021

Cameron Smith

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Cameron, nice round for you, 67 out there in the second round of The Open. Can you talk to us about how you put that together.

CAMERON SMITH: It was much the same I guess as yesterday. Bit of a rusty start. Couple bogeys there at the start. Just hung in there. That wind for me, every time I get that left wind I seem to miss the fairway or put myself out of position. Something I have to work on.

No, it was really solid. Lots of good iron shots today. Couple of close ones which was nice to see. Obviously the putter was pretty decent as well.

Q. Just have a quick question about the contrast between let's say today and yesterday. So driving accuracy and fairways hit were pretty much on par between today and yesterday. You hit eight. The greens hit and the approaches were slightly different. You improved today. Did that kind of show? Did you feel better approaching the green or was it the conditions or was it your rhythm that improved?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I think obviously the conditions were a bit nicer to us today. I think I left myself for the most part on the right side of the fairway if I did miss the fairway, so I was able to a couple times run -- hack out and run up a couple shots onto the front of the green, which was nice.

I mean, the ball striking felt basically the same the last couple days. Yeah, just say the condition were a bit nicer.

Q. After three holes today you were back at level par. After that, you made six birdies from the 8th hole on. Apart from the bogey on the last, do you feel there is a good finish and a good positive momentum to take into the next two days?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, absolutely. It was nice to see some putts going in and see some wedges and some of those irons go nice and close.

I mean, yesterday it was just so brutal with the gusts of wind. I felt like it was almost like putt like whether you pick the right club or not.

So nice to play in some nicer conditions. Nice to see some of those approaches get nice and tight, and obviously nice to see some putts go in as well.

Q. And playing over here in front of a crowd this year obviously after last year being cancelled, what difference does that make, being in front of an Open crowd?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I mean, they really know what they're talking about out here. The crowd is just so respectful I guess. If you hit a bad one it's a bit of a nothing and if you hit a really good one they're right up there.

So yeah, it's really unique. We usually get some different people yelling out some things and they're more there for the social aspect, and I think these guys are genuinely here to watch some golf.

Q. Obviously Royal St George's is a venue all Australians are familiar with from Greg Norman winning here. Did you watch any of his film or have you chatted to him at all? Is that a source of inspiration for the weekend?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I mean, Aussies have had a pretty good run here so that's nice. I haven't watched the replays. Every time I spoke so Greg it's been about golf but not this particular tournament, The Open Championship. Just more about how he went about his business on the golf course and pick his brain a little bit that way.

But the technology I guess is so different from now to then. I mean, you can definitely see how you won around here being such a great driver of the golf ball.

Q. Just one last question: You always wear maroon on Sundays and Queensland got the win in the State of the Origin this week. Is that a nice little omen for you?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it was nice to start the week on a good note. I actually slept in on Wednesday and watched the boys play and come out for a late practice round. Yeah, really proud of the boys. They brought some pride I think back to Queensland. Really nice to see. Put a smile on my face.

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