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July 16, 2021

Dean Burmester

Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Dean, 3-under par 67 today. How happy are you with today's performance?

DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, obviously I played really nicely. Scored really well. Yesterday I probably hit the ball very similar, just didn't make any putts. Early in the round I managed to make one, and then golf is a funny game, managed to hole a few putts. Slightly disappointed in my finish; 2-over in my last four wasn't great, but all in all I played really nicely and I'm happy to shoot an under-par round.

Q. It puts you right in contention this weekend. How will you approach tomorrow and Sunday?

DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, more of the same, I think. The golf course seems to suit my eye really well. I qualified or tried to qualify a few years ago at Royal St Ports and really loved that one, and that's just down the road. Something about this coastline I think I really like. Not a lot of drivers for me, which is quite nice. A lot of long irons. It plays right into my hands. I'm really happy.

Q. Yourself and a number of your fellow countrymen challenging at the moment. How much of a reflection is that on South African golf at the moment?

DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, obviously South African golf is in a really strong position. Guys have been playing well for pretty much the whole year, quite a lot of wins on the European Tour and guys riding their way through the Challenge Tour back home are playing really well. I think South African golf in general is just on a hot streak, and long may it last really.

Q. Does that spur you on to see your fellow countrymen alongside you?

DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, of course. You have little bets between each other, little things where you all want to compete and beat each other and be the top South African at the end of the week. That's obviously a goal for everyone, so we'll just have to wait and see what the weekend holds.

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