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July 14, 2021

Bailey Davis

Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA

Columbia Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Where does that shot rank in your golf career? Take us through your thought process stepping up to the ball?

BAILEY DAVIS: That was probably my best shot of my golf career. I pretty much knew she was out of the hole at that point, she wasn't going to make birdie, so I was really just trying to make par, so I said, just put it on the green, try to put it close if you can, but really we just want to walk away with a two-putt.

My caddie said, If you put it in the hole I'm giving you $500, and I put it in the hole.

Q. How did it feel leaving the club? Did you think it had a chance?

BAILEY DAVIS: I knew as soon as it left the club. It was so good. And then I figured, Okay, we can make birdie out of this, and then it just kept on rolling and fell.

Q. Yardage and club?

BAILEY DAVIS: 75 yards is about a three-quarter swing with a 60.

Q. And could you see it the whole way?

BAILEY DAVIS: Yes. Yeah. I saw the ball land, and I was like, Oh, my goodness, it's right on line, and then it just rolled in.

Q. You had a little crowd with you. How does that kind of energy help?

BAILEY DAVIS: I was a little nervous, especially on 18 making that putt I was really nervous. And then stepping up to the ball I just tried to be confident in myself and trust in my game, and that's what I did.

Q. The putt on 18, kind of take us through that, the approach kind of rolled back a little bit, how far was that, eight feet would you say?

BAILEY DAVIS: I would say about eight feet, yeah. I didn't hit the best drive, so that put me in a tough position in order to make par.

But honestly, I wasn't sure if I was going to make that putt. I said, Let's just go for it and see what happens, and it fell in at the last minute.

Q. It felt like it sat on the lip for a little while.


Q. Was it downhill? Was it pretty flat?

BAILEY DAVIS: It was a downhill slightly left to right, so I said, We can't blow it by just in case she misses her putt. We still have to finish out.

So I just tried to lag it in the hole, and sure enough, it fell in.

Q. Did you feel like you had momentum after that hole because that drive you hit -- you blasted that drive on the 19th hole.

BAILEY DAVIS: I did. I felt really good after making that putt. I felt like I could definitely win the playoff.

Q. How do you feel about match play in general right now?

BAILEY DAVIS: I'm a little stressed. I don't have a lot of experience with match play, so the entire day was stressful for me, so let's hope tomorrow is a little less stressful.

Q. One under the belt.


Q. You looked like you were smiling coming up on a lot of the holes. It didn't seem like you were stressed. How did you manage it mentally?

BAILEY DAVIS: I tried not to get too upset. I was never up at all today, so that was definitely a struggle, but also I was never back from 1-down.

So there was never a huge gap between the two of us, so I always had confidence in myself that I could make a charge.

Q. On 17 she makes probably some 25-footer for par with you a little bit closer for birdie. What goes through your head right then?

BAILEY DAVIS: At that point I thought it was over. I was like, There's nothing I can do at this point if she's going to make a putt like that, but then I just stayed in it and stayed positive.

Q. As you said, your caddie said, Okay, I'll give you $500. The moment it drops, do you turn and say anything to him? Does he say anything? What happens? Just take us through the moments after.

BAILEY DAVIS: The moment it fell in, I was pretty shocked. I didn't think that would actually happen. I was more worried about winning than the $500.

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