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September 14, 2002

Jeff Brehaut


TODD BUDNICK: We welcome Jeff Brehaut with 5-under, 66, 10-under. Jeff, great way to finish the back nine, five birdies in your last nine holes.

JEFF BREHAUT: Yes, it was a great finish. I birdied the first hole which was really nice start and made two good par putts on 2 and 3. Kind of settled me in a little bit with the putter and kind of hit so not real close iron shots to the front side and then on 11, Oh, I hit it close every hole.

TODD BUDNICK: There were a lot of low scores today unusual for this course.


TODD BUDNICK: What was your feeling about that?

JEFF BREHAUT: Maybe the pins were a little bit easier. I think probably the guys started feeling more comfortable with the wind playing the first couple days, maybe the pins were a little tougher. But the wind swirling around, it's kind of hard to feel committed when you are standing over a shot, you don't know if it's too much club or not enough club.

Q. Was there any wind today?

JEFF BREHAUT: Oh, yes, it was going all day long. It was a little swirly at times. I would say it's pretty much like the last the days; maybe a little bit less.

Q. Was there any difference, you're just getting used to it?

JEFF BREHAUT: It's been coming from the same direction the last few days. You're starting to feel more comfortable during the rounds, in the practice round the wind was coming from a different direction. For example, No. 1, right off the bat, Monday and Tuesday was kind of down from the right so you could blow it over that fairway bunker with no problem. Today you could hardly get to it. You have to adjust your -- I'm way out there to the left. Your more comfortable on the par-3s. I know on 17 it was kind of down from the left and I felt like if I hit 212 yards or something like that - normally that's not a 5-iron, but I knew I could get it there. I ripped it and it went up there like this.(Indicating).

So you are just more used to it.

Q. Your feelings going into tomorrow, scared, nervous, thrilled, confident?

JEFF BREHAUT: All of the above. Yes. I haven't been in this position in a long time. It's a lot different out here than it is on the Nike Tour. So I'm going to have to have a little chat with myself before I tee off. I was doing the same thing today. I really had to kind of focus on it - hit this shot right now. And then go on the next one and do my best on every shot and I never looked at the leader board which is something I always do.

Q. Is your family here?


Q. Your swing coach, who do you call?

JEFF BREHAUT: I will call my swing coach. My old college golf coach is now helping me with the mental game.

Q. Who are they?

JEFF BREHAUT: Phil Rogers is my swing coach.

Q. The Phil Rogers?

JEFF BREHAUT: He has been working with me for 12 years. He is like my second dad. Love the guy. I talked to him last night. And I talked to him four nights ago. Glen Albaugh is the other guy.

Q. University of Pacific I can?

JEFF BREHAUT: Yes. That's along the same lines as Bob Rotella been out here this week. Glen has learned a lot from Bob. Glen is a northern California guy. I have more opportunities to see him. So yes, those guys are kind of in the fold. But it's kind of up to me. I try and take all of that stuff and you have to do it right here right now and if you don't, you're no good.

Q. And is your family like wife and kids, are they here?

JEFF BREHAUT: I have two kids, 8-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl. We celebrated my son's eighth birthday this morning although it's next week, they are going to go home next week. We opened gift this morning. My wife was watching me today. She is more happy than I am.

TODD BUDNICK: Will they go home early or stick around?

JEFF BREHAUT: I imagine they will have to see the end.

Q. What can you do tonight to keep it routine and yet prepare properly?

JEFF BREHAUT: I probably won't change anything. We we'll go home. I'll take a shower and go out to dinner. Read the kids stories, put them to bed, watch a little TV and hopefully go to sleep.

Q. Can you talk about your shoulder injury and how it came about and what you did afterwards to try to get it back?

JEFF BREHAUT: In 1999, about February or March, I guess at Doral, it was at the top of my backswing, my left shoulder kind of clicking, popping, dragging, not every time but maybe two or three times a round. Every time it did I hit a lousy shot. So then I went right into the fitness trailer guys and they gave me a bunch of rotator cuff exercises, small weights and just little things, things to kind of firm those muscles. It seemed to help. I got rid of it until November. Then it started coming back again. Then I had an MRI done. Originally they thought it was a split in the tendon which the guy said is more treatable through therapy. I did that through December and it still wasn't getting better. He said we will give you an cortisone shot, don't hit balls for three weeks go play Hawaii and see how you do. I did that. Hit some balls two days before Hawaii and felt okay. I'm a big practicer, too; not hitting golf balls for three weeks is pretty tough. I went to Hawaii, missed the cut. I played a pro-am the next day. It started bothering me. Then I went and saw Dr. Jobe in LOs Angeles and he looked at the MRI, he said, it's not a split in the tendon, something more severe, I won't know until I go in there. So we scheduled surgery and he said if there is a scar on the outside, it's going to be a year. If we do it arthroscopically it will be six to eight months. I woke up, I had a detached labrum and a bunch of freying, so he chopped out all of the freying, put three screws in there and sewed it all together.

It was an unusual year because I really didn't do much until about June or July and I started getting back in, played a few events at the end of the year and now it's pretty good. It's not 100% but it doesn't bother me on the golf course. I have to maintain my workout and keep those muscles in there strong. I think what happened was I was a very loose-jointed to begin with. And the 4 muscles that surrounded the rotator cuff weren't strong enough and it just kind of kept slipping and sliding in there and it detached. Since then I have been pretty religious about getting three days a week in the gym.

Q. Did you have to do anything with your swing because of that, once you came back?

JEFF BREHAUT: Nothing consciously. My ball flight has changed a little bit, and I don't know if it's the shoulder or me.

Q. There was good club pro out here and he watched you for a bit and said this guy has a beautiful swing. Why hasn't he won a million bucks. What would you say to him?

JEFF BREHAUT: You could say that about 100 guys out here. The difference is mostly mental, mostly confidence, scoring, getting this ball up and down, taking advantage of this easy par-5s. Believing in yourself. The guys that are killing it out here are guys that are doing all of those things. Then there is the bunch of those guys that think that we should be middle tier players or top 30 guys or whatever. And until you do it a few times and started believing that that's where you belong it's hard to do.

I missed 5 cuts in a row this year by one shot. And that kind of starts eating on you. Then you start thinking I got to make a cut. And you know Tiger words is never thinking about missing a cut. It's a totally different mindset. That's a big part of it. It's kind of exciting on the first tee on Thursday that I'm playing in this tournament to win, not to finish 30th, and the guys that are the best are doing that.

Q. And during this week, as you gotten to a point where making the cut was not a problem; now you are in a position to win your first tournament, how did you climb mentally, that ladder, this week?

JEFF BREHAUT: I just try not to even think about it. I mean yesterday -- on Thursday I bogeyed my first two holes and immediately I'm thinking now I'm behind the 8 ball and now I have to suck it up just to make the cut. But I hung in there, I didn't let it bother me too much. I hung in there and had a good backside and shot a good score. I was surprised the scores were as high as they were on Thursday. Then yesterday I birdied the first hole, got off to a good start, I made a really good 6 on 18 yesterday. It took me three shots to get out of the fairway bunker, it was right underneath the lip. I got a 9-iron up and down for a 6. That was probably the turning point of the tournament because I could have made a 7 or 8 on that one. Then I tried to focus on this shot right here and count them up at the time end. It sounds dumb, but that is how you do it, I think.

TODD BUDNICK: Okay. Thank you very much, Jeff, good luck tomorrow.

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