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July 3, 2021

Jelena Ostapenko

Wimbledon, London, UK

Press Conference


4-6, 6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. There was quite a controversial moment late in the third set. Ajla called you a liar. How do you respond to a comment like that in a tennis match?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: First of all, she cannot say anything because she knows zero about my injury. She doesn't know anything, first of all.

And second of all, in my opinion it was very, very disrespectful from her side, because every single player who is playing tennis or any other sports can get injured. So she cannot say anything unless she knows anything from the physios or from the doctor.

Q. What was the issue that required the medical timeout?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: I had a problem with my abdominal already in the second set. I pulled it, and I couldn't really serve well because I had pain when I was serving, when I was doing one motion.

So she cannot say anything unless she knows anything, and she's not me so she cannot feel the pain. I'm the one who feels the pain. I really felt I needed the physio and, I don't know, the tape or something, any help right at that moment, because I was already dealing with the pain for a long time, but I should have called the physio earlier I think.

Q. This injury, was it related to all of the matches you played lately? You played a lot in Eastbourne. I'm curious if you heard her comments during that, and what your reaction, if that made you angry during the match?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: Which comment?

Q. Well, there are several. During the match at 4-Love when you left, she called you a liar, and I guess afterwards, after the match, as well.

JELENA OSTAPENKO: As I said, first of all, she cannot say anything, and it's very disrespectful from her side, because everybody, as I said, every athlete can have an injury and can have an acute injury.

If I was already like, how you say, not patient, but how you say, like holding that injury for a long time, like in the second set already I was just trying to forget about it. Okay, let's play, let's play. Let's focus on the match.

But I couldn't, because it was more and more painful, and at some point I couldn't really serve, like, I think everybody saw I was serving much weaker than normal.

As I said, it's very, very disrespectful from her side, because she knows zero about what I had, my injury and everything. Of course maybe I was playing a lot since Eastbourne. Of course I had some really good wins. I think my level today was, like, not good after the first set, because if I played at least 50% I would have beaten her.

Q. When you were down Love-4 in the final set, you were having a bit of a heated discussion with the chair umpire. I couldn't pick up what was being said. What was that part about?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: You mean about the physio or what?

Q. Well, I don't know. That's what I'm asking. At Love-4 in the third set, you were having a strong discussion with the chair umpire.

JELENA OSTAPENKO: Oh, she said I cannot have a physio. I said I can have a physio. If I have an acute injury, I need the physio right now. I saw that many players did it and not like on the changeover. If you really need the physio, you can call it.

That's what I was telling her, that I can have a physio now. That's the only thing I was telling her.

Q. When you first feel these pains? How it will affect your trainings next week and before Tokyo?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: Can I answer in Latvian?

THE MODERATOR: If you feel more comfortable.

JELENA OSTAPENKO: I answer in Latvian, is better, just easier. (Answering in Latvian.)

Q. Was the problem at 4-0, did the injury get worse during that game?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, it already was getting worse and worse, and I should have called physio earlier than that, because I was, as I said, I was just trying to forget that I have this pain and trying to focus more on the game.

But I think I should have called the physio earlier, because it got very bad -- like, it was very bad pain at 4-0 already.

Q. What did you think when you when she, in front of you, said "She's lying"?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: I mean, as I said, it's very, very disrespectful from her side, because everybody is an athlete, and everybody can be in this position, can have an injury. It just says everything about it. That's it. I don't want to comment anymore that.

Q. Just to clarify, one thing you said on court, you called her the worst player on tour. Do you mean in terms of her tennis or in terms of her personality?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: No, I mean, in terms of being very, very disrespectful to me. I think it was very disrespectful what she did.

I mean, how can you say "liar" or something if you know zero about -- maybe I already had this injury before. Maybe it's not new pain or something. How can you say this? You cannot say that. In front of everybody, call me liar? I don't think it's respectful from her side.

So that's what I said, the very bad player because of this behavior. That's it. You are winning, but it does not mean you can do everything you want.

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