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July 6, 2021

Daniil Medvedev

Wimbledon, London, UK

Press Conference

H. HURKACZ/D. Medvedev

2-6, 7-6, 3-6, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously pretty disappointing loss for you, given the position you were in yesterday. I was just wondering if you could talk us through how frustrating it was not to finish yesterday and then how it affected you today, how that kind of timeout affected you.

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, I mean, it happens. Played on Court 2. We knew it was going to be raining, so we knew we're not going to finish yesterday.

Played really bad today. Not much more to say.

Q. Was there any frustration you didn't get moved to Centre Court to finish yesterday? Seemed there would have been enough time to finish it. Did that conversation happen with you?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Not at all. We were all okay with this because they were at 5-All in the first set so we never knew how long it's gonna go.

Q. Slightly further to that. Did you actually speak to the referee about it? Was there any indication you might go on Centre Court last night?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yes. I don't know if there could be a discussion, but I was happy with that decision. So I said yes straightaway to play today at 1:30. So the referee came to me, yeah. I don't know if I would say yeah, if we could talk about it, but I said yes. So I have no idea.

Q. Obviously disappointing to lose, but how do you see your Wimbledon as a whole, given you came into Roland Garros without too much form? It's not been a too bad couple of Grand Slams.

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: When you're second in the world, first round is a really bad result. It's a bad result. That's it.

Q. Fourth round, you mean?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, fourth round is a very bad result.

Q. How do you feel you played today in general? Do you think it was him playing? Did he lift his level or you think you didn't quite find your top form?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: He definitely played really good. I played probably worse two sets since Rome.

Q. What specifically did you find fault with in your game today? What will you leave here thinking you need to work on?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: I will just continue working. I mean, I don't have anything specific I need to work. Just everything, just improve every day like I try to do. That's how after you can have no regrets because when you have regrets, it's very disappointing.

Now, I mean, in two hours I'm going to already forget all about Wimbledon in a way, just because, well, I did my best. Today my best was really low, but I did my best. Let's wait for the next Wimbledon.

And what was the other question?

Q. You covered both, about what you found fault with and what you need to work on. But if you could also discuss what's in your plans for the summer.

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Olympics, Canada, Cincinnati, US Open, and then we need to see, because calendar might be changed with Asia, with everything. I guess not 100% sure what's the calendar gonna be, so it's gonna depend on that. But first is Olympics and U.S. swing.

Q. And your thoughts about the Olympics?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: It's gonna be my first time, so I'm really excited to go there. Of course I want to just play good, try to get the medal for the country, no matter in which discipline. Hopefully the gold one.

Q. I'm sure one day you will win one Grand Slam, for sure. Tennis is such a wonderful sport, but how to avoid as much as possible high and lows like this?


To play one match on one court, finish it on the same court hopefully the same day. Yeah, because he managed -- when I say "managed the situation," I went out, and I don't know why I, not many times that I have no explanations or reasons why I couldn't play good, but I couldn't put one ball in the court.

For him the job was to just put some pressure and serve good. Well, that was easy. He done it. I don't think he even sweated too much today (smiling).

Yeah, so right now I have no explanation, so I have no decisions to avoid this next time.

Q. You're obviously very upset and annoyed at the result, and you said it was a bad result for world No. 2 to lose in the fourth round. But did also the fact that there was potential to get to No. 1 enter your mind as well? It ended up being a double whammy losing in the fourth round and losing the opportunity to possibly get to No. 1?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Not at all. Because I said that -- I mean, I don't have...

Let's say it like this. I don't have a goal to win 21 Grand Slams and to be No. 1 in the world for, let's say, 37 weeks. I just want to show my best, work hard, try to win as many matches as possible. So if I wanted to be No. 1, I needed to win four more matches this Wimbledon. Well, I didn't manage to do it, but it was not like even in 1% in my mind.

Q. Another question about the Olympics. I know this is your first time to go to the Olympic Games, but considering what you know about what will need to happen before you go to Tokyo and when you get to Tokyo, how disruptive do you think it's going to be on your normal routine? Because training is going to be different. You may not be able to bring all your stuff, and so on and so forth. How do you think that's going to affect your usual routine?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, I think nobody's still clear on what is gonna happen there because you know how it is when you come to these strict countries. Sometimes also they give you one information and then you come and then maybe won't be able to practice or whatever.

So so far, from what I heard, that I can arrive there, for example, on 18th, and on 19th I can practice on the tennis courts. If it's gonna be like this, it's perfect.

Of course I heard there are going to be some strict rules about masks and everything. Well, I think this everybody can handle. Of course being without my stuff is a little bit disruptive, but at the same time there is going to be other stuff from the Russian team.

So so far, seems almost like a normal tournament in a way. But let's see when we get there. Yeah, for sure.

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