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July 6, 2021

Karolina Pliskova

Wimbledon, London, UK

Press Conference


6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What does it mean for you to be in the semifinal at Wimbledon?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: It means a lot, of course. Especially after, like, not really having many good weeks before Wimbledon, it feels like a dream a bit.

Anyway just, like, I believe at some point I will find my game. I'm just happy it work out well in these two weeks. Of course it was my last Grand Slam missing the semifinal, so I'm happy now I have all of them.

Q. You spoke about the doubt that maybe people were putting in your mind. Did it mean anything to have the support of your friends? How did you put aside those doubts?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: She didn't say that to me, honestly. I didn't know (smiling).

We speak a lot. She also message me yesterday. I was feeling well since the first match, I think. I started a little bit shaky in the first match. Since that moment I'm playing quite well, super solid, serve is working. Of course I have the confidence in me. If I can play like this, that's why I'm here.

Of course, in the beginning of the tournament everybody talks, you have so much different opinions which comes to you. Of course, it's really tough to believe that you can do well, especially if the weeks before were not so good.

I'm just happy I managed somehow to stay out of this, like, in my own bubble, just trust it. Of course, also thanks to my team because they are super positive, they are supporting me no matter what, no matter how I play. They have a big part in this.

Q. I heard you were saying you were earning the big room. This is also your first match this tournament on Court 1. Does it feel nice to be earning your way step by step, it's more of a journey this time?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: Okay, I don't want to complain about my courts because so far I won on all of them. I don't think I was, like -- I think the schedule was not right, to be honest. I think I said that before. Doesn't matter now I guess. If I'm in semifinal, now they can put me on Court 12, I guess (laughter).

I always like to have, because also I'm a player because I need to, like, feel some things, not just have the possibility to play on these big courts. Maybe some players, they play there four times, five times, I think that's a big advantage. Especially here. You can get a warmup, feel the court.

Doesn't matter. I played on Court 1. I think I did pretty well. Also in this big room, so I think things are getting much better.

Q. What have been your thoughts over the years about the names that are on the trophy here, like Martina, Serena, Venus, Steffi, Billie Jean, and the possibility that maybe one day you might join them?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: I mean, that's still quite far away so I would not really think about me being on this trophy. But, of course, past champions, all of them they were incredible players. I respect all of them.

But so far that never cross my mind yet.

Q. You'll be playing Sabalenka in the next round. What are your thoughts on her as an opponent?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: I mean, it's going to be big match because she goes for big, big shots, big game, big serve. I think there's not going to be much time to think about, like, what should I do, what should I not do. Just, like, quick decisions.

But I believe I have also a game which can bother her a bit. Big serve. I need to play fast, just put pressure on her.

But, I mean, it's semifinals, so there's nobody, like, super easy. You can have players maybe which you like a bit more.

We played couple times, but always was super close match. I know, like, a bit about her. Let's see. I thought she played amazing all two weeks here. So do I. So let's see what's gonna happen there.

Q. Did you see what happened to Emma Raducanu last night? What are your feelings about the pressures that are on young players? Do you think there's too much pressure placed on young players, or is it something that players have to deal with?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: I mean, look, if you decide to do this sport and if you decide to take the wild card from I guess the federation, most likely you're going to be playing on a big court because you are from this country. I think you just need to count with that pressure.

Of course is not easy. I saw a bit not really yesterday, but I think she was enjoying. I don't really know what really happened yesterday. I didn't really follow that match. I saw a bit from her previous matches. I think she was enjoying, maybe too much excitement. I think that's normal.

I don't really know what happened. But I think, I mean, 18, it's tough to say. I think everybody is also different. My being 18, I was still a kid. I think some of these girls they are quite old enough to deal with that.

I guess she also came a bit from nowhere. Some of these girls, let's say Coco Gauff, I think she's a bit ready for all of this. That helps if you're raised like a star. I think that's a bit different.

Tough to say. Hopefully she's going to be okay because she was playing some incredible tennis and people enjoyed to watch her. Yeah, but I guess you need to come with that and you need to get ready for that so...

Q. Almost a perfect performance from you. How good do you feel and how confident do you feel in where your game is at the moment?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: Let's say it was almost perfect. I would find some mistakes for sure (smiling). But I always do find something.

I think I did well. I think I did exactly what I needed to do to beat her. I was super focused and just, like, try to play every point, not to give her that much easy balls because I know she doesn't really miss much.

Of course, I expected tough match. I lost to her once in Fed Cup. She beat some good players. She was clearly on a run. I knew it's going to be difficult since the first moment.

But I think I handled some tough situation. There were a couple, like, close games which I handled well. My serve was extremely good today, I would say. Also the court was hard because it was a bit windy out there today. These conditions are perfect for me. Yeah, happy about the win.

Q. You referenced a few times about blocking out the negativity, the noise, people unloading what they think about your game. How exactly is that happening? Do people just walk up to you and give you advice? What have you done to block it out?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: Yeah, I mean, of course, even like players or even like people which are former players, they would usually come and say, What happened there? Why you not playing that well?

I think also because the way I am, I think people they think I can handle a lot, which is maybe true (smiling). But I don't need to hear all of this. I mean, usually I have an answer, but not always you ready for that. You don't want to hear these things, no matter whether it's true or not.

Yeah, then of course, like Internet. That's the biggest problem, I think. Not that I would really read, like, all the messages and all the comments, but sometimes you just see something or like some articles. I think they can be quite brutal. I was five years in top 10. Then one week I'm not in top 10, and it's like huge drama, especially in my country. I think these things, they just don't help.

Like I said before, this is something you need to, like, accept and just learn how to live with that. I think there is not much you can do about it.

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