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July 6, 2021

Emma Raducanu

Wimbledon, London, UK

BBC Interview

Transcribed from BBC Interview.

SUE BARKER: First of all, Emma, I want to know, how are you?

EMMA RADUCANU: I'm doing well. Thank you for asking. I'm feeling a lot better this morning. So I'm just glad to have recovered this quickly.

SUE BARKER: We were very worried about you. It must have been very scary for you. How tough was it?

EMMA RADUCANU: I think that in the moment, I mean, on Court 1 the atmosphere was once again incredible to play in front of. I'm obviously very disappointed that I couldn't finish the match. I really, really wanted to be able to compete and try my best. But the medical advice was to pull out.

Yeah, I followed it because I think that their advice was the best in the end.

SUE BARKER: What were you feeling out there?

EMMA RADUCANU: I found it very difficult to regulate my breathing. I think that it was emphasized by some very long rallies which we had toward the end of the first set, which made it tough for me to, you know, keep my composure and the breathing in check.

Then at the beginning of the second set was when I struggled with it the most. I called the trainer on. Yeah, made the decision at the end of the changeover.

SUE BARKER: A wise decision to get the medical staff on. Do you actually know what caused it?

EMMA RADUCANU: No, I don't know what caused it. I think that it was a combination of, you know, everything that has gone on behind the scenes in the last week, accumulation of the excitement, the buzz.

I think it's a great learning experience for me going forwards. It's a great step forwards. Now next time hopefully I'll be better prepared.

SUE BARKER: You say 'better prepared'. What is the biggest audience you played in front of before coming to Wimbledon?

EMMA RADUCANU: I'm not sure. Maybe a hundred people or something (smiling).

To play on Court 1 in front of that many fans, I'm so grateful for the opportunity. I would like to thank the All England Club and the LTA for their support, believing in me and giving me the chance to play in front of such a crowd. It's been the best week of my life, honestly.

SUE BARKER: We've enjoyed it as well.

How different was your match yesterday to the match that you played in the open on Saturday?

EMMA RADUCANU: I think it was a new experience playing under the roof with the lights. It was definitely louder. It was a bit hotter. So just to settle in...

I think at the beginning both of us had a bit of a nervy start. I think we started to play our way in. It was a close game at 4-All. I had a couple breakpoints.

Yeah, once again though, the crowd was amazing. They were completely behind me. I'm so, so grateful.

SUE BARKER: Was the long wait a problem as well? Most times you probably expected to be on court around 5:00. To go on so late, was that a factor as well?

EMMA RADUCANU: I think that I was prepared to go out there whatever time of day. I was required to. I was so excited. I didn't find a problem with it at all.

I think just to be able to have the opportunity to go on Court 1 is something that I cherished and I really appreciate. So there's no problem.

SUE BARKER: You love the big occasion. That is obvious. Forget what happened yesterday, but how much have you enjoyed the Wimbledon experience, what's happened to you here?

EMMA RADUCANU: Yeah, I mean, I've had the best time of my life. I mean, this whole week has just been absolutely incredible. I've never felt support like it. I'm just so, so grateful for every single person who cheered me on during the matches and all of the messages I've received via social media or messages. I would just like to thank everyone who got in touch and supported me the last two weeks.

SUE BARKER: You had 2,000 Instagram followers when you started. How many have you got now?

EMMA RADUCANU: I'm not sure. It's funny because my Instagram actually blocked me out. I think they thought I was a robot or something (laughter). We're trying to fix that right now.

SUE BARKER: I think two days ago you were over 150,000. You're going to have to keep that up now. You enjoy that side of it, don't you?

EMMA RADUCANU: I think this week we've done a great job, me and my team. I haven't spent that much time on my phone, checked any of the news. We've just been in our bubble, doing our own thing, focusing on the process, doing everything that's in our power and control to get myself ready for the match ahead.

I think my team have done a great job in supporting me this week. This whole experience is very new for me. To have such a team like that, to really get behind me, yeah, it's been very grateful for them, too.

SUE BARKER: Speaking from experience, do that next year when there's no bubble. Don't read anything, stay focused on it. That's what you've got to do.

Have you been able to see your mum and dad?

EMMA RADUCANU: I saw them in the crowd. I have spoken to them, as well, on the phone. They're all good. I assured them that I was fine and I'll see them later on tonight.

SUE BARKER: That's nice you'll be able to go home. I'm hearing you have 255,000 now. You're doing well on the Instagram.

Love the shirt you're wearing. Where are you going to be tomorrow?

EMMA RADUCANU: I think I'll be at home for sure just watching the game. It's been a busy two weeks. I think I'll just kick back at home for the next few days and definitely enjoy the game. Yeah, it's coming home, isn't it?

SUE BARKER: Have you got a prediction for us?

EMMA RADUCANU: England 2-1.

SUE BARKER: You're going to make us suffer.

Emma, it's been such a joy to see you play here at Wimbledon. You really have made this tournament so special for all the British fans. We wish you all the very best for going forward.

EMMA RADUCANU: Thank you for having me.

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