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July 10, 2021

Karolina Pliskova

Wimbledon, London, UK

Press Conference

A. BARTY/Ka. Pliskova

6-3, 6-7, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It must have been pretty tough for you at the start of the match when you lost the opening 14 points.


Q. Can you talk us through what was going through your mind at that moment?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: Yeah, I mean, not ideal start of the final, of course. But I have to say, like, a lot of credit to her. One thing is that maybe I didn't start well, but I think she really made it super difficult for me to just feel well.

Actually all the match I think she did great stuff. She was playing well. I think maybe one of the best matches she played against me because we played couple times. I thought she was always a bit like on and off. This time I think she never was really off even though I just came back in the second set from being a break down.

Of course, horrible start. That's why I'm more like proud about the way how I find a way back in that match. I mean, not really close to winning, but it was one set all after. I lost first 15 points in a row or 14, yeah (smiling). Definitely horrible start.

Yeah, it is how it is. I think I just find a way how to play even without feeling that great on the court today. But I think it's just, as I said, because of her game as well.

Of course, I don't have that many experiences to be in the final of Grand Slam, so of course some nerves were there, but I think I did quite good in the end to play a good match.

Q. You used the word 'proud' a couple times. What is your mix in terms of your pride in this performance in this tournament and the disappointment of not getting the trophy?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: Of course, now it's quite early to, like, really go through all the feelings. It's actually mixed feelings. Of course my dream always going to be now, forever, to win the Grand Slam. I'm trying to do that for like since I started actually to play tennis. Of course I reach some goals which I always wanted. This is going to be always my goal for now.

Also I don't want to make, like, such a big drama from it, because to be in the final here, especially it's not that I didn't like Wimbledon, but it was never my favorite place. I never, like, played well here. I never felt so good here. But this time I think it changed a bit the feeling about this tournament, the feeling about the people. I think the atmosphere there was just incredible today. Also, like, the matches which I played the last, like, two, three days.

I felt actually like super good after on court just to play in front of this crowd. It's something what we play for. In the end the result is, you know, we both tried to win so somebody has to lose. You have to accept that. I will definitely. I know how to lose, believe me (laughter). I'm so good in that.

I'm just going to, like, try to be back stronger. Of course there's going to be next chances. I think plenty of them. I'm not going to give up on that. So let's see what it's going to be.

Q. How did you turn things around there? What do you think was the key for you either in your head or from a tennis standpoint?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: First of all, I think you always have to believe that things can go your way, things can get better, which of course was not easy. Definitely not. It was a tough moment because I thought, like, I can just play much better than I did.

Of course, also she played quite well. She didn't really miss much. She played everything super deep. I think it was tough for me to really play my game in that moment.

I thought if I can get, like, a game just to start, or a point to start, because actually I didn't make a point the first three games, then it can be like much better.

I actually know how to play with her. Of course, it's always super difficult. But I know the strategy which I have to play to be always close to her, which after I was able to do.

Believe me, it was not nice start. I didn't feel like I want to be there in the beginning of the match. But, yeah, that's why I'm even more proud. Also I was thinking about the final in Rome where I didn't make a game. I thought, No, this is not be possible, this cannot happen again.

Yeah, I just found a way. I think that's the most important after match like this, that I always find a way no matter how you feel, no matter how the opponent is playing.

Q. How important is this tournament in reinforcing your belief that you can win one of these titles?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: You know, I would say very important. But it's not that I would never believe. Of course, me personally, with my game, with my team right now, with all the people which I really care about around me, and with my game, I always believe in that.

But I think many people, they don't. So I think that's why sometimes it's been difficult. Of course, the game is not always -- you can't always play well. Just to find that balance in all those things, people not believing you, maybe not playing at your best for a couple weeks, let's say, is sometimes difficult.

Definitely now I have more trust, more belief. I mean, more of everything to go in the next Grand Slams. Also it's been a while since I was actually in the second week of the Grand Slam. So I just hope everything's going to be a bit better now, all the tournaments, and let's see what's going to be in the US Open. There's still a chance. I played the final there, so it's not impossible. I will always try, so let's see.

Q. On court you said you never cry. Can you just maybe talk about the emotions that you were feeling as that match progressed, and at the end how much it hit you, affected you?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: I think if I would lose that match in, like, two sets, I think I would be okay actually. But because it took me so much effort actually today to just be where I was, even though I lost, but just somehow struggling, I was fighting. Yeah, it was a lot of energy I had to put in there just to have that set, at least the second set.

Even in the third I thought I was quite close for every her serve. It was quite difficult game. Doesn't matter now. But somehow I thought the crowd was amazing. I felt like so much support from the crowd. I enjoyed also, of course, Princess Kate was there. I saw all these people just being there.

Of course, you think about that. I think I never had a better moment in my career. So of course it makes you a bit, let's say, more sensitive than I normally am. I enjoyed that.

It was not the plan to cry because, like, I don't want to cry on the court. I feel like, Okay, cry in the locker room, but not on the court. Somehow I could not. The people, they didn't really -- they cheered so much. Just like too many emotions.

Of course, it's been, like, long three weeks since I was here in London, in the bubble. So of course you're a bit tired. All the emotions, they just go. Yeah, not proud about that (smiling).

Q. You said earlier that you know how to lose. I was wondering have you always known how to lose? How has that changed over your career?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: No, no, not always. I think that's something what you have to also learn. I mean, to know how to win and to know how to lose, you need to learn that.

But, I mean, believe me, I think all the big champions and all the big names, they need to learn this. They need to know how to also, like, lose. In the end somebody has to lose. I don't want to be like behaving like the way, I don't know, some people are just being like desperate or being super down. Of course, you can be down, but just don't show it to the people because they don't really want to see this. Be down in your room, but not really like in front of the crowd.

I think also to accept that maybe somebody played better that day, or somebody is a bit better, for no matter for which reason, I think is also important. Yeah, I just know how to do that.

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