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July 10, 2021

Elise Mertens

Su-Wei Hsieh

Wimbledon, London, UK

Press Conference


3-6, 7-5, 9-7

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations. How do you describe what just happened with the last two-and-a-half hours and how you managed to pull through it?

SU-WEI HSIEH: It was only two-and-a-half hours? (Laughter.)

ELISE MERTENS: I was, like, Su-Wei, first match point, just go, take it. It was such a tough match. They had match points, I think couple, so we just kept going. We said to each other, Just keep going.

We never gave up. That's the fighting spirit we had today that maybe made with the difference. Of course there were nerves, but still we managed it well at the end. She's defending champion, champion again. It's unbelievable.

SU-WEI HSIEH: This is first time to defend my champion.

ELISE MERTENS: Woo-hoo. We were very happy we could close it because it was just going on and going on, yeah. We were just laughing about it, but...

Q. Congratulations. Su-Wei, now, like you said on court, three titles with three different partners here at Wimbledon. Wondering if you can kind of talk about how different each one of those title runs felt for you.

SU-WEI HSIEH: Well, you know, it's always not easy to play in the final, and the opponent will fight super hard. We all know it's last match so we will fight until the last point definitely.

All the partner, they are amazing to help because sometime I get on the court at the beginning I was not start very well. Really good job to help, so it helps a lot. (Laughter.)


Q. Congratulations, both of you. Su-Wei, how do you plan to celebrate this championship?

SU-WEI HSIEH: Well, we just finish the match. It's a little bit free here. Maybe Elise can answer.

ELISE MERTENS: Well, I'm not big of a drinker, so alcohol will be maybe half a glass. Maybe have some Champagne. I don't know if you drink alcohol, but the coaches will definitely drink one, and my mom.

I think it's just, you know, we can't go out of the bubble. Well, we're not going out of the bubble I think.

SU-WEI HSIEH: They allow us to go out.

ELISE MERTENS: But we go out? I don't want to get COVID (laughter).

No, I think it's just like a small celebration, and of course I'm going home tomorrow, so that will be my celebration after five weeks, too.

We just, you know, in each other's company, drink something, eat something, have a nice time.

Q. Elise, I'm just curious, you guys have had some tough losses as a team, you know, in the last few weeks, and Roland Garros and stuff. So as this match is unfolding I can tell how much you're laughing and stuff, but how much are those memories coming to mind? Did you learn from it? I mean, how much did those experiences play into closing out the match today?

ELISE MERTENS: I mean, it was definitely disappointing that we had some matches that we didn't finish, couldn't finish some chances. But I think the best thing to do is to learn from it. If you keeping negative about it, you're not going to go any further, you're not going to go forward, not going to grow as a team.

It was very important for us to communicate well, to get the energy. Like today, I mean, the others had match point. They didn't finish it. Now we won. That's tennis. But you just keep going.

Q. Elise, you have been on tour with Su-Wei for a long time. I am curious what you've learned from her being partners, spending more time with Su-Wei?



SU-WEI HSIEH: I feel scary.

ELISE MERTENS: No, she's a very nice person. She's very funny. She tries very hard every time. She's great at the net.

I mean, some of her volleys, I mean, I can't do. She's a magician. As players, we really grew towards each other. She's a very nice person.

SU-WEI HSIEH: Thank you. (Laughter.)

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