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July 11, 2021

Kurt Busch

Hampton, Georgia, USA

Frontstretch Interview

An Interview with:

Q. How about that, Kurt? More significant, obviously it's the big playoff win and puts you guys in the playoffs, but that you were able to beat your brother heads up on a green flag run for that long.

KURT BUSCH: Hell yeah, we beat Kyle!

I taught that kid everything he knows; he should be grateful.

What a battle. What a genuine, awesome, old-school racetrack, and I just asked the track today, last time here on your old asphalt, can I have an old guy win, and she answered. Thank you, Atlanta Motor Speedway!

This has been one of those years where I knew we were going to have our back up against the wall with trying to get above the cutoff line and race hard and race smart, and to have GearWrench in Victory Lane, this is their last race of the year, they're with us all year, and with Monster Energy, I couldn't have two great primary sponsors. What a Chevrolet today, hell yeah!

Q. You said one for the old guys, but it was your young teammate that you gave so much credit to. What was the key moment where he was able to push you by the 18.

KURT BUSCH: Shake and bake! Shake and bake! Yeah, and the 42, he did his job as a teammate. Ross is going to get a little flak for it, but that's what it takes to be a good teammate at the right moment, so I couldn't be more proud of Ross Chastain.

I'll pay him back eventually, but right now this is our No. 1 car in Victory Lane.

Q. You pull off his clutch wins all the time, Kurt, to put you in the playoffs, but with the unknown of next year, how big is this moment for you personally?

KURT BUSCH: It's wonderful. You know, for all of Ganassi, Trackhouse bought our team, I don't know where I'm going, but I just love racing cars and I want to race that Next-Gen car. That's why I'm trying to stick around. Will you guys have me next year if I stick around?

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