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May 8, 2003

Jeff Brehaut


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Good round today, 4-under par 68. Obviously very good if you compare it to what the players did this morning; the best score was 3-under 69.

Why don't you just talk about the day and maybe you can give us an idea of the conditions out there that might have been a change.

JEFF BREHAUT: I'm a little bit surprised the scores seemed to be better in the afternoon, but the course is drying out. The greens are pretty fast especially if you hit downhill putts. But it's still playing pretty well and tough, and you have to watch your step on three or four holes out there. Making birdies is not real easy, either. So, good round.

Q. A lot of players are talking about the greens and slopiness, were you able to stay on the right side of the pin?

JEFF BREHAUT: Not all the time, but you try to figure out, you know, you look where the pin is and you try to figure out where the uphill putts are and you try to get your ball there. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. That's the plan, for sure. They are big, they have a lot of slope.

You have to use your head a lot when you're out there on the fairway trying to figure out, well, if I miss, am I better here or here, long or short, those kind of things.

The greens are tough. If they get firm, they are still holding well, but if they get firm as the week goes on, it will be a lot tougher.

Q. Can you talk about in general the 18th hole and sort of that being the finishing hole?

JEFF BREHAUT: It's a great hole. Apparently, I heard that they have lowered the green 30 feet or something like that. It's a great driving hole. You have a bunker in the right that is really in play and a creek on the left so you are trying to avoid the creek for sure. I pushed it a little bit to the right and got into the rough and had to kind of flop a 6-iron up there on the front edge and managed to 2-putt.

But then getting on the green, too, the greens have got humps and bumps everywhere and they have some really nasty pin placements out there. 16, 17, 18 are all you want to finish on. It's going to be high drama, I think, on the weekends.

Q. I know it depends on the conditions, do you have a guess on what might win the tournament as far as how far under par?

JEFF BREHAUT: 12, 13 (-under), something like that. Really, it depends on the conditions. I would say that's probably in the ballpark.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Can you go through your birdies and bogeys?

JEFF BREHAUT: 10, I hit a pretty good shot but I hit a sand wedge into the trap on the par 5 and it just went over the green. I hit it about six yards too far and made a bogey.

Then I chipped in on the 12th hole. Hit it over the green again. I was long a little bit today. And made a great chip-in there.


JEFF BREHAUT: It was probably 40 feet.

15, the par 5, I got driver, 3-wood right next to the green and chipped it up a foot and tapped that one in.

5, the dogleg-left, I hit 2-wood close to the green on the left can chipped it up about six feet and made that.

The next one, I hit a 3-iron on the fringe of the green in two and 2-putted. That was probably a 30-foot breaking putt. That was a tough pin. It was crammed all the way up against the water on the right.

Made a nice up-and-down on 8. Hit a 3-wood out there like 285 and hit a 60-yard sand wedge over the green and made a nice up and in and then hit a 6-iron about 12 feet on the last hole and made that.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Jeff, for coming in.

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