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July 11, 2021

Bob Estes

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Omaha Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Tell me about your eagle on 13. What did you hit and how is the hole playing differently with the tees up a little bit today?

BOB ESTES: Yeah, they moved it up one box, we thought they might move it up two boxes, but one box was plenty, especially with the wind direction out of the northeast to get guys to go for it.

I hit driver. I hit it a little bit low, so if I would have hit it higher it would have carried up on the front of the green, but I hit it a little bit low and so it flew into the slope in front and just kind of stayed there. And I just had a perfect little chip and run up the hill and as soon as I hit it I knew it was perfect and it rolled right in the middle.

Q. Then last four, five holes certainly it's a little windier today, how do you see those kind of stretch run shaping up for the guys that are still on the course?

BOB ESTES: Oh, yeah, yeah, those, yeah, starting with 14? 14's not too tough of a hole. I made it tougher when I drove it in the rough, but I still managed to make par.

15's a really tough one, going to see a lot of bogeys there with that much elevation or drop down to the green playing into the wind right-to-left. That's, it's really tough to get it even on the green, much less anywhere near the hole.

16, tricky position, but you'll see some birdies there.

17, you got to be in the fairway. I drove it in the rough both the last two days and made bogey yesterday, made a good par putt today.

Then 18, with the wind straight left-to-right, again, need to be in the fairway, because that hole is pretty long with the back left pin and, yeah, so you'll see some bogeys on 18, just like I made. Yeah, I hit one of the best shots I've hit all week, my second shot into 18, but I think we misjudged the wind just a little bit. It actually could have been helping a touch when it had been, should have been hurting a touch from the left. I flew it all the way to pin high and it went over the back into the heavy stuff and then I didn't get it up-and-down.

Q. One last question, talk about the whole experience in Omaha this week, the course and everything, despite kind of some weather challenges.

BOB ESTES: Yeah, well, obviously it could have been really hot and humid all week, but with the two fronts that came through and all the rain that we got, it really softened up the golf course so it played softer. And we played a couple of round with the wind out of the north, either northeast or northwest as opposed to the south wind that we probably would normally get for all the rounds. So we got a variety of winds and conditions to compete in.

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