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July 11, 2021

Jerry Kelly

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Omaha Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. 69, 69 over the weekend. What did you figure out in your game or did you figure out something on the course?

JERRY KELLY: No, I did. We didn't practice on Thursday night it was late and I was tired. But even though it was hot and I was tired, I practiced on Friday afternoon and found something in the strike. And unfortunately the putter went cold. The putter was good the first two days, because I could have shot 80, 80 pretty easy. And then I hit the ball well and the putter went cold. And it's just like, that's so golf, such a four-letter word.

Q. How tough is that stretch coming home today?

BOB ESTES: Even the -- doesn't matter where you were, the pins are right on the edges. Every single one of them you're putting uphill and then it's downhill the other direction. So I mean it's, I got defensive and I never got it back, I never got at aggression back in the putting, it was just defense, defense and that leads to 3-putts. So that's definitely the way it is.

But, no, the stretch is not as hard today. 18's back, but it's downwind. 17, pretty easy. 16 reachable par-5. So it's not the home stretch, it's the ones in the middle, it's 8 through 12 that are really the good ones. But, yeah, I just couldn't get it done putting. There was at least ten 3-putts and I shot 1-over.

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