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July 11, 2021

Ian Poulter

North Berwick, Scotland

The Renaissance Club

Quick Quotes

Q. There's days when this game is beautiful, isn't it. How much did you enjoy it out there today?

IAN POULTER: It was nice. I mean, J.T. is a good guy to play with. He's always going to hit great golf shots. We both got off to a pretty decent start making a few birdies, and you know, we had lots of looks. It's always nice; that's what you hope for on a Sunday is to be in a position to run up the board, and we did just that.

I got on a little bit of a run with a few holes to go. Hit some really nice, timely shots and holed a couple of nice putts. You know, the one just wiggles a little left on me, and you know, doesn't drop on 17 after a shot which I had to hit my best 7-iron to get it there; it did. Had a look on the way past and had a look on the way going back in. But we come up denied.

It was a great day.

Q. You have a nice dilemma, because you could be involved, you could win, but there's also somewhere else you might want to go. What do you do now?

IAN POULTER: It's 3.20. I'm going to go have some food. I'm going to have a shower. And I'm going to have to hang around a little bit longer unless someone makes a bit of a press on up that leaderboard. But we'll have to wait and see.

Q. Great momentum to take into next week, isn't it?

IAN POULTER: It's always nice playing well. It's always nice to be on home soil playing well. To pick up more valuable World Ranking points, more valuable Ryder Cup points, it's always nice being here playing good golf.

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