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July 10, 2021

Fran Quinn

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Omaha Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. So going into today you had five birdies on your last six holes. Can you describe what that was like?

FRAN QUINN: Well, it was -- I think the break did me well because I came out and I missed a really short putt for par on 11 from about a foot and a half, and I bogeyed 12. And so I came right out and birdied 13, 14, 16 and 18. And it was just fantastic. I mean that was just, I hit a lot of really good shots, I drove the ball fantastic after the break and I gave myself a lot of opportunities. It gave me a good chance for tomorrow now.

Q. Describe your preparation going into today, especially with the weather last night and having everything pushed up and then pushed back, did that affect you at all?

FRAN QUINN: Well, it probably -- you know we just had to readjust. We get this a lot. We do get this type of weather and it does happen, not as severe as it was last night, but we do get this. We were up; we were showered; we were ready to go for the 7:45 tee ball, and we got a text about five minutes later saying it was three hours delayed. So then we had to dial back, go through the routine again and I came out a little slow. So I don't know what I can attribute that to but I loved the way I finished.

Q. Can you describe how you were feeling going into that 18th hole?

FRAN QUINN: Well I just knew, I mean, I wanted to make a birdie, I wanted to give myself a chance so I could get back to even par for the tournament and that would give me a good chance for tomorrow if I have a great day.

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