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October 15, 2004

Jeff Brehaut


CHRIS REIMER: Here with Jeff Brehaut. A round of minus five; is that right?

JEFF BREHAUT: 6-under.

CHRIS REIMER: Minus 6. Didn't mean to take that away from you, Jeff.

JEFF BREHAUT: That's all right.

CHRIS REIMER: If I'm getting this right so far for this year your best placement after two rounds is five; is that right? At John Deere.

JEFF BREHAUT: Yeah. That sound right.

CHRIS REIMER: So you're going to be close to that today. What's it like to be in that vicinity after the second round?

JEFF BREHAUT: Well, it feels good. I feel like it's about time. I've hit the ball pretty well most of the year. I haven't been putting very well or scoring very well. And I'm doing it this week. It's what I've been working on a lot and I got my mental side a little bit sharpened up and I've taken advantage of the opportunities when they have come. I'm happy to do that.

CHRIS REIMER: It. 5th here last year. Is there something specific you like about this course?

JEFF BREHAUT: I couldn't really tell you what. It fits my eye pretty well. I played here, I've had some decent rounds in the past. Last year was a great tournament for me. It locked up my card for the year. I was right in that edge needed a little bit more money. I like what Davis has done. I wish it was playing a little bit firmer. If we hadn't got the rain it would have played a lot more like it was supposed to be played. But so far so good.

CHRIS REIMER: Take some questions.

Q. Speaking of locking up your card last year, I guess this year you're still chasing it?

JEFF BREHAUT: This year has been a real battle for me. I feel like I've played better than I've scored or performed. It's been frustrating, this is my 32nd event which is way more than I want to play. I got a 10 year old and five year old at home and it's very difficult leaving. But I put myself in this position, so I got to try and work my way out of it.

Q. Is it easy to keep that out of your mind when you're out there playing, shot to shot?

JEFF BREHAUT: Yeah. When I'm on the golf course none of that stuff enters. I think about it when we're sitting in hotel rooms or restaurants at a table for one every night, that gets a little bit tiring.

Q. Were you on the outside looking in last year in top 125 or just inside?

JEFF BREHAUT: I think I was inside the 125 at this event but I needed to make a little bit more to secure it. And I played well here last year and that got me -- you think I finished 99th. So comfortably over. And the number was, it was looking like it was going to go a little bit higher, more money last year than it ended up going, so when you're anywhere around 120 to where I am, you got to keep going to try and make sure you get pass 115, say. Who knows what can happen. Sometimes it comes down to a couple hundred dollars. One guy keeps his card or doesn't.

Q. How is it playing?

JEFF BREHAUT: It's softer than yesterday. We got some rain this morning. The wind is really coming up the last six holes for me. Wind was a serious factor and it sound like it's going to go all the rest of the afternoon. So the guys that are playing late are going to have to deal with that. But there's still some opportunities out there. There's enough short holes and the par-5s are mostly reachable or you can get two shots right around the green, most of the guys can. So that was the difference for me. I am 10-under par on the par-5s for two rounds. I got two eagles and all the rest birdies, so besides the 5's I've just kind of played solid and really knocked the ball not real close or hit any great putts, I just kind of got, went about my business and the five pars have been really good to me.

Q. What you hit on 16?

JEFF BREHAUT: 16, I hit driver 3-iron. That one was playing into a strong wind. And hit it in the right bunker and got it up and down.

16, 17, and 18 are all pretty good holes. 18 is a tough -- it's a tough fit for your tee shot. Because when it's playing -- it was downwind from the left and I was playing with Hank and he hits it so far, he takes it over everything and hits sand wedge in. But the rest of us are trying to fit it in that little neck and there's a big nobody out there that knocks the balls to the right. So I was going to hit a 3-wood and I backed off and the wind seemed like it wasn't helping as much so I went back and got a driver. Knocked it in the fairway and hit a 9-iron on the green and made the putt.

CHRIS REIMER: Go through your club selection on your birdies and bogeys. Birdied 1, 2.

JEFF BREHAUT: Hit a driver, pitching wedge on No. 1. About 8 feet. Made it.

No. 2, I hit driver 3-wood just short of the green. Chipped it up there about 7 feet and made it.

9, hit driver, 3-wood, a little bit right of the green and chipped it up about 12 feet and made it.

Bogey on 10. 10 was into the wind. Hit a good shot. The pin was just on top of the second tier I had to hit a 5-iron in. And it landed right on top and it stayed there it stayed there, it stayed there, it stayed there and then started trickling back and went all the way off the green and I 3-putted it.

13, I hit 3-wood, 3-wood about 30 feet and made it for an eagle.

15, I hit driver, 3-wood. Just short of the green. Chipped it up there to about a foot.

18, I hit it about, oh, 10 or 12 feet there.

CHRIS REIMER: All right. Good luck this weekend.


End of FastScripts.

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