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July 10, 2021

Caroline Masson

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Caroline, got off to a little bumpy start. Once you were around the turn you really were firing on all cylinders. What changed for you, do you think?

CAROLINE MASSON: It was just a few bad shots early on that kind of cost me a little bit. I just really tried to stay patient and positive knowing you can make a ton of birdies on this golf course. Any hole is a birdie hole; any hole is also a bogey hole.

Yeah, I think it was more like a mental effort than anything. I've been playing well. Hitting it well. Few bad shots here and there, but I think I handled those really well, and that was probably the key for me today.

Q. Your entire group was firing aces, birdies all over the place. Did that help the momentum at all, do you think?

CAROLINE MASSON: For sure. The hole-in-one was cool. It was the perfect shot. Took off just right of the pin and came back. Yeah, that was fun to see.

Yeah sure it was fun. Everybody was making birdies. You know, you don't have to play perfect to shoot a good score out here. You just have to make them when you get the chance, so I think we all kind of did that.

Q. You really took advantage of moving day here. What have the last couple days been like for you?

CAROLINE MASSON: It's been fun. I'm enjoying it out here. I like the golf course. It's fun to have all the people back, big crowds this week, lots of kids.

So it's just really like trying to enjoy it, not taking for granted to finally get back to a little bit more normalcy.

Q. I was going to say, normalcy because last year we were here and it's totally different.


Q. Do you feel the difference with the fans and stuff? Some were saying like I just miss the grandstands here.

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, grandstands, just a little bit of the buzz. I mean, even people talking in your backswing a little bit, because it's just part of it.

Yeah, like I said, I just really try to enjoy that and be in the moment, and I think that's what I'm going to try to do tomorrow, too.

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