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July 9, 2021

Thomas Detry

North Berwick, Scotland

The Renaissance Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Cast your mind back to that Sunday in October last year, because that was a special round of golf, 64. Tee-to-green us about that and how confident you are coming into an event you've done so well?

THOMAS DETRY: Like I said, I really golf the golf course. I've got great vibes coming into this week. I think I shot the lowest round last Sunday, like in October last year, joint lowest-round with Aaron Rai who obviously won.

So yeah, many good vibes out here. Got off to a great start, like I said in my previous interview, got off to a about start this morning, same yesterday, as well. It's all very nice and hopefully I can keep it going.

Q. One bogey. You must be really pleased.

THOMAS DETRY: I've been driving the ball great. Really that's the key out here because it's not too penal around the greens but if you start driving it in the bunkers and in the rough, it can be tricky and I've managed to keep it on the fairway and quite far up there as well, so that was really key to make plenty of pars and no bogeys.

Q. We've known about you for a while but there's been some near misses. You've performed in Rolex Series Events before. What's the missing ingredient?

THOMAS DETRY: It's a good question. I get it asked all the time. I believe that I'm doing all the right things. Really I've got a good team around me that's supporting me. I've been working hard with my coaches, as well, to work and improve under pressure and working with some mental people, as well. I think it's part of the process and I'm pretty confident it will come.

Q. Tomorrow you could be playing with an old friend. Tell us about that because you've played together a few times.

THOMAS DETRY: That's right. So we played many times, mainly Palmer Cup, I believe Jacques LĂ©glise Trophy as well, but Palmer Cup we played together and won, Andrew Coltart being the captain. He's a great guy.

Q. Good motivation to qualify for next week?

THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, last week wasn't quite my week and I've been close. My World Ranking is right up there but I believe if I play well this weekend, I'll be right up there. I've played two majors in my last two months, and that's really where I want to be. So see you next week.

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