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July 9, 2021

Robert MacIntyre

North Berwick, Scotland

The Renaissance Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Bob, lovely way to finish. The way Lee and Collin were playing, just a terrific flowing three ball, wasn't it.

ROBERT MacINTYRE: It was. It was a struggle in the middle part. It wasn't -- nothing was happening and then Collin started hitting a couple close and it just -- everyone just kept committing to shots, and Lee is just Lee, Steady Eddy. For someone that could play golf like Lee Westwood, tee-to-green, it's just incredible.

Q. How did you find conditions today?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: It was tough. I mean, I was watching it this morning and was like, it's perfect here and I turned up and the fog is coming in and I'm thinking, oh, this is -- wind is picking up as soon as that comes in.

I mean, there were some holes out there that even 15, I mean, I didn't hit a great drive but I could only hit a 4-iron because it's the longest iron I've got in the bag. Just holes like that that you think, get out of here with par. It's real stressful. You've got to hit two good shot to get home. But no, I mean, if someone gave me 2-under par the way I was driving it, I would have taken it.

The home crowd, they have been absolutely brilliant. Even when I started struggling with short putts missed, they were cheering me up, I can't thank them enough.

Q. All young Scottish golfers; game isn't bad here in Scotland, is it?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: It's in great shape. I think everyone is pushing each other along. Try to do my best obviously, try to compete as well. But everyone gets on so well. Obviously me and grant from the same management I've travelled with on The Challenge Tour, come off of there together and then we're just on the rise together.

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