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July 8, 2021

Fran Quinn

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Omaha Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Just to start off, overall comments on your round.

FRAN QUINN: Very solid. I played really, really well tee to green, drove the ball in the fairway, which is kind of a premium out here and kind of gives you an opportunity to attack. Not that you can really attack these pins, but it gives you a better opportunity. Having said that, I played just really solid all day. I had a great look at 18 that I didn't make. I thought I made it, but other than that, I just played well.

Q. Got that birdie on the front nine. Did that give you any confidence on the back?

FRAN QUINN: Just overall I was being very patient knowing what type of golf course it is, and basically just kept doing what I do best, putting the ball in play and giving myself birdie looks. That's basically what I did.

Q. You mentioned your play was pretty solid. Is there anything you'd key on as one of your strengths from today?

FRAN QUINN: I'm always a very good driver of the ball, and I hit it pretty far. That definitely helped me today putting the ball in the fairway, giving me some scoring irons coming into some of these greens. That was definitely a positive.

Q. Did the course play today similar to what you kind of saw the past couple days?

FRAN QUINN: A little bit softer, and it was -- it's just not an easy golf course. You've got to play well. That's the end of this deal. If you drive the ball in the fairway, you're going to have opportunities. If you don't, you're going to struggle. Overall, it was kind of -- I had my game plan. I kind of stuck to my game plan, and I executed it, which is always a nice thing to do.

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