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July 8, 2021

Ted Tryba

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Omaha Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. After 1-under 69, how would you assess your performance today?

TED TRYBA: I played pretty good, got a couple of bad breaks. I hit it in a divot on No. 18, a really bad divot, and I had to hit it uphill into the wind out of the divot, so it was really tricky and ended up making a bogey there.

Drove it into the rough on 8 and got the nastiest lie. I'm trying to get it out and chased it across the fairway into a worse lie and missed the green with that, ended up making double there. The rough was kind of tough. Didn't get a lot of breaks if I hit it off the fairway. When I was in position, I hit some good shots. When I did get it in there, I converted. It was good. I birdied all three par-5s, which really helped my score.

Q. I think you had six birdies. What can you take from those holes to carry over into tomorrow?

TED TRYBA: Just keep making birdies because you're going to make bogeys. There are no fringes here. Just one hop into the rough. It gets tricky when they force those back hole locations and you're going uphill and you can only see half the flag. It gets tricky when you're going uphill into those hole locations.

You're off those elevated boxes, and I think it's tough for guys because, as soon as the ball comes off the face of the driver, it's out there in one second, and it's already 60 feet off the ground. The draft up there is kind of high. So if you get it into these cross winds, they're tough to play with the tee balls off all those the elevated boxes. Even in the par-3, the ball is elevated, the ball gets up, it gets hit hard.

If you're breezy like this, the guys get pushed around. Then all of a sudden, maybe it's not a bad shot, now you're faced with a very, very difficult two-putt with the speed of the greens and the undulation, so it gets tricky.

You have to be on your toes. You've really got to grind and put your teeth down. You've got to bite down hard because you can hit a marginal shot and end up okay and now have to face with a two-putt that's almost impossible. So it's tricky.

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