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July 8, 2021

Matthew Fitzpatrick

North Berwick, Scotland

The Renaissance Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Happy with a 5-under 66?

MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Yeah, really happy, good start. All around played solid. No complaints.

Q. When you come in here, do you have to think of a different way of playing golf, because you don't play it all the time, so ball flight, how you shape shots. Tell us about the dynamic of playing links golf?

MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: When it's windy, you definitely have to keep it under the wind. It's definitely an advantage that I have in my game and I can fly it well. Today wasn't really needed too much. It's not been too windy. Probably a club at most sometimes. But on the whole, that's sort of what helps me, really. But yeah, today was just sort of solid overall and hopefully more of the same.

Q. You have Billy on your bag, a partnership, obviously the caddie you rely on for every event, but does it become more in focus when you don't play links golf so much and you ask more information?

MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Not necessarily. I think one thing he did have obviously is so much experience. So he's seen all the links shots. He does see shots differently to me, so combine the two, it's probably a big help.

Q. Do you like the challenge of links?

MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Unsure. Unsure. I like it when it's fair. I don't like it when it's unfair; when you can hit a decent shot, it doesn't get a bounce, and yeah, occasionally, occasionally it gets like that.

But on the whole, I think one thing I do think about links golf is the way the course is designed. More often than not, you just have to plot your way around and you have to think a bit more. Kind of take those bunkers on; do I need to thread it, do I stay short. So I definitely like that aspect of it.

Q. Tell us of the importance of this as a Rolex Series.

MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: It's amazing. I wanted a gold bit for ages to be honest. Yeah, that's one positive. But on the whole, just the way they are run and the hospitality, the golf courses, it really is fantastic and we all love to play them.

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