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July 7, 2021

Jae Crowder

Phoenix Suns

Practice Day

Q. Jae, you got the win yesterday, but was there anything you all saw that can prepare you to win Game 2?

JAE CROWDER: You know, obviously, we talked about some adjustments, but we obviously have to impose our will longer, especially in that third quarter, we felt like we had some slippage in that. It's just something that's on our mind about the third quarters. We've been talking about that all postseason long. We know it's an important quarter for us, so we want to be better in that aspect of the game.

Q. Looking at the voices in this locker room, has there been any moment this year that you can think of where someone spoke up to the team or to a player or maybe it was even you but just where someone said something and it clicked with someone else, like they understood the message and accepted it and applied the overall message?

JAE CROWDER: Yeah, we have like a roadblock, something that sticks out to me that I said to the team is that when you're on a good team, you have to sacrifice, whether it be shots, whether it be -- whatever it is, you have so sacrifice to be a part of something special and I think that clicked with our group. Because we had a lot of guys that wanted to do a lot more than what their role was but it just takes coaching staff, it takes players in the locker room to just come together and mend it all together and just sacrifice for your teammates, for the guy next to you, to be a part of something special. And that was early, that was probably the first or second month of the season. We had that conversations amongst ourselves early and I was the head of that because I felt like we could do something special but we had to sacrifice for one another, and look where we're at now.

Q. You were talking about sacrifice there but you've been on some pretty successful teams going back to your time with the Celtics and of course the Heat last year. I was wondering what separates this team from some of the better teams that you've been on? And, also, what do you bring to the team? Because success seems to follow you and I would classify you as one of the better role players in the league, but a role player nonetheless. What do you bring to this team?

JAE CROWDER: First, I just feel like the one thing that sticks out to me about the team is how bad everyone wants it, how bad everyone is willing to go above and beyond for success. I think that stuck out to me as far as younger players, just wanting to be special in this league and wanting to grow and wanting to learn.

I think that was big for our group, to put some leaders around the guys that are younger and haven't been in many situations or many important games. Just being willing to just accept advice and apply it on a daily basis has been great to be a part of and to see our younger players grow.

I think me as a player, I bring a winning environment. I do whatever it takes to win, whether it be hit the game-winning shot, game-winning block, game-winning steal or game-winning rebound. I just want to do whatever it takes to win the game by any means necessary, and I just feel like that's what I bring to the team.

Q. Chris really had it going in Game 1. What do you think will be the Bucks’ main adjustments for Game 2?

JAE CROWDER: I mean, I haven't been privy, I really don't know. Obviously, Chris is a difficult matchup for anyone. But I honestly don't know their adjustments. We'll just sit back and play the game and read and see how they do approach Game 2. It's just a tough assignment for anybody, with him playing at the level he's playing at right now, it's been difficult for teams to control our pick-and-roll in a sense, and obviously, Chris Paul has been doing it for 16 years, so whatever you throw at him, he's prepared for it and our group is prepared for it. Whatever the situation is, we'll be prepared for obviously.

Q. What did you learn about the series from Game 1, and speaking about your confidence, how important is it to win Game 2 and go to Milwaukee with a 2-0 lead?

JAE CROWDER: It's going to be a very hard series. These guys played very hard. They are a good team and they have very good players. I think the physicality and the way the game was played was high-level; you respect that. As an opponent, you respect that. I feel like Game 2, we’re just looking to come out and impose our will for 48 minutes as much possible, especially with the home crowd behind us. We are just looking to handle our business here at home and the rest of it will take care of itself. But our focus is on Game 2 and taking care of and protecting our home court and playing a full 48 minutes.

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