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July 4, 2021

Chase Elliott

Plymouth, Wisconsin

Press Conference

An Interview with:

Q. Chase, what an incredible drive from 32nd to the win. I love that victory celebration. You wanted to see everybody here and thank them for a terrific take.

CHASE ELLIOTT: Absolutely, I wasn't going to miss anybody. I appreciate y'all coming out. Thank you for spending your 4th of July with us. I hope you enjoyed the show. Man, it was a hot day. But a lot of fun, man.

Just really proud of our team for overcoming some adversity early and having to start in the back, having good pit stops. Had a really fast NAPA Chevrolet. Just so proud.

We've had a rough few weeks, so it feels really good. I guess I was supposed to do a burnout here, I'm sorry. I missed the memo. I did a really cool one on the frontstretch. Thanks, everybody, for coming out. Happy 4th. Y'all have a safe weekend. Thanks for coming out.

Q. Aren't you the same guy this morning that told me, I have a lot to figure out about this racetrack. How did you figure it out so quickly?

CHASE ELLIOTT: Yeah, I never felt like I got in a real good rhythm all of yesterday. For whatever reason there, after about halfway through the race, I started finding some of that rhythm, was able to put it together, piece different parts of the track. Finally I felt like I was able to piece most of it together.

Yeah, stayed with it and glad it worked out.

Q. Talk about the challenge of this day, the heat and a new racetrack for everyone. That was a lot to figure out.

CHASE ELLIOTT: Yeah, it's just this track has a lot of character to it. It's so long. You have a lot of opportunity to make mistakes or be good whenever you hit it.

I mean, four miles is a long course. Just has a lot of character to it, a lot of bumps, a lot of sections that are really tricky to get through. I think conserving your tire was actually a little bit of a thing today, which to be honest we don't have much of that I feel like any more.

It was a little different race. Like I said, proud of our group. Most importantly, thanks everybody for coming out. Thanks to our partners, everybody back at Hendrick Motorsports. Been doing a phenomenal job. Bodies, chassis, engines, fab shops. It's just been incredible. Looking forward to more.

Q. Do you hear what they're chanting behind us? Burnout. Do you have enough tire for one?

CHASE ELLIOTT: I'll give y'all everything I got, but I'm about out of tires. I'll blow the tires off of it. Why not (laughter)?

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