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July 4, 2021

Celine Herbin

The Colony, Texas, USA

Old American Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Joined by Celine Herbin after a final round 67 at the Volunteers of America Classic. Celine, I see six birdies on the scorecard, including a bogey-free 32 on the back nine. Take us through the day and finishing strong like you did.

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, obviously a bit let's say shy on the front nine with two bogeys and two birdies. I was creating opportunities but also a few mistakes.

And then I don't know what happened on the back nine, but I really feel much for comfortable. I already had I think a 33 two days ago on that back nine, so that time 32, minus 4, that's great on a Sunday on the last round of a tournament to finish like that.

I created some very good opportunities. I had two birdies given like at one foot, so that's great. Like my long game is in good shape.

Q. When we had all the different elements Mother Nature threw at us this week, a six-hour weather delay with thunderstorms, wind picked up over the weekend, all the craziness and balancing a schedule, does it make a performance like this that much more gratifying?

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, yeah, definitely. I'm kind of -- I'm proud of the full week that I had really. Like none of the (indiscernible) with me, so that's great.

Also I was quite tight to get into the Evian so I needed a good result, so I'm quite proud of that. I had this extra pressure on me and I responded very well. I'm very happy I'm going to play at the Evian Championship.

Q. You are not far off Top 10, T8 right now with a few groups left to finish. We talked about your last Top 10 came at Marathon in 2018.


Q. Where is your game right now in comparison to maybe the last couple years? How does it feel?

CELINE HERBIN: It does feel much matter. I made lots of changes in my team during last week. I took advantage of the stop with the pandemic. I took lots of good decisions, and so now my game is really in good shape.

Obviously at the U.S. Open also was very nice to do tied 14 for me. Was my best result in majors, so I really look forward the rest of the season.

And next week in Marathon is one of my favorite course. As you said, I had already a Top 10 there, so I really look forward.

Q. Going back to place with a lot of good memories I would imagine. Is there something about that course that you just really enjoy going back to year in and year out?

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, Marathon Classic it's funny, it's my first LPGA event in my career in 2015, so it it's special place over there. I really like -- it's very classical course, very tiny greens.

I don't know, I feel very comfortable there. It's kind of the grass is the same where I practice back in Europe, so I love everything there. So I look forward to come back there next week.

Q. Last one for you. You mentioned some of the changes you made in your team. What were they? Who did you add? What have you done just to form a good group core around you?

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, definitely. So I change my putting coach. I took one that is in Paris. He is coaching some of the best player in France, like Antoine Rozner which is going to go to the Olympics and is the top two of the French.

I change up my swing coach also. I kept Spanish coach José Manuel Carriles. He play on the Senior Tour and won a tournament, so he's a very good player also.

And also started to work with a new physical trainer. So I have a big team around me now and it's definitely helping me a lot.

Q. Makes it a little easier.

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, indeed.

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