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July 2, 2021

Celine Herbin

The Colony, Texas, USA

Old American Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Joined by Celine Herbin after a second straight day of 68. Celine, you really turned it on on the back nine. Bogey-free performance with three birdies at Nos. 11, 14, and 17, which is the Aon Risk Reward hole this week. Take us through today, how you got things rolling, and especially on the back nine how you were able to shoot a nice number.

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, the truth is that today was quite difficult to deal with a six-hour delay, so it was quite a long day. I think the key was to keep patience a lot.

I was taking it shot by shot and really I like the back nine maybe a bit better than the front nine, so I felt very comfortable.

And just as I said, shot by shot. The birdies were quite close, like I was given for birdie on 17. I think I was like five feet on 14. So it was like very good shot from tee to green.

So I was happy with my long game today.

Q. How did you stay fresh during the six-hour delay? That's a long time to be waiting for emails and trying to stay mentally sharp.

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, it is quite tough to stay focus when you wake up at 5:00 am and you play at almost 2:00 pm. But I'm lucky because I like tennis a lot so I watched Wimbledon game, and so after there was Euro Cup game, Switzerland against Spain, so that kind of help me to deal with the wait and to enjoy the morning.

Q. Who was on Wimbledon that you were watching?

CELINE HERBIN: So I was watching -- I'm a fan of Garbine Muguruza, but she unfortunately lost. I was a bit sad for her.

Yeah, and I live in Spain so I'm quite a fan. I don't know the result yet, if there is a result. Who qualify between Spain and I'm not sure who qualify. I was following the Spanish team also on soccer.

Q. Good way to spend some time.


Q. How much different did the course play? It received about 1.66 inches of rain this morning.


Q. How much different did the course play from yesterday?

CELINE HERBIN: It was obviously a bit longer. I mean, yesterday was already like a bit still soft, but definitely I play in the afternoon yesterday so the ball was flying a lot.

So definitely today was looking shorter -- I mean longer. So, yeah. It's good we could place the ball on the fairway because there were lots of muds on the balls.

Q. Exactly. No. 17, take us through the Aon Risk Reward hole.


Q. Take us through your strategy for it today and how you found a birdie.

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, so our strategy with my caddie was to like three-shot hole, because the bunker is very, very into play with the driver. So I just took it easy, 3-wood, then layup with a rescue to give myself a good number, and it was perfect number.

I had like in meters 94 meters, which was my perfect 52, and I end up like almost put it in in three. So it was like very close for birdie.

Q. Yeah, I saw it on TV. It was a very nice approach shot.


Q. You played three Symetra Tour events early this year and then since then you've played four LPGA events. What have you done with maybe some of your weeks off and how have you stayed sharp?

CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, so also I'm a member of the Ladies European Tour, so I've been playing also back forward. So I was in Sweden right after the U.S. Open; I was back in Sweden the week after, and the week before Kingsmill I was in South Africa also. So I been playing a lot actually.

The Symetra events I took them as warming up of the season waiting to get into the LPGA events, and I was quite confident then after playing well. The U.S. Open result obviously help a lot. I finish tied for 14 there, so it help me a lot so to have a good result, and now I will focus on LPGA and also on Ladies European Tour.

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