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June 27, 2021

Kyle Larson

Long Pond, Pennsylvania

Press Conference

An Interview with:

Q. You saved enough to get here. How did you do it?

KYLE LARSON: I don't know. It's surprising finish for us. Our HendrickCars.com Chevy was really loose for a majority of the race, then we got a lot of nose damage there on one of the restarts. Was off on speed. I felt like after that.

Cliff and everybody did a really, really good job managing the race, coached me through saving fuel there at the end. Was hoping that the 18 was going to run out. I saw the 11 running out. I was, Okay, they're teammates, they got to be close to running out.

The 18 did pit a lap after us under caution. That actually probably won them the race. But, yeah, second-place finish, I thought we would be outside of the top 20. A lot of points throughout the race today; we'll take it. Happy about the effort for sure all weekend.

Q. With the damage on the car and where you saw yourself with fuel, how much of a believer he did he make out of you? Did you think he could get here?

KYLE LARSON: Not until we actually started saving fuel. Seemed like every point of the race, everything that happened in the race, nothing went my way. Restarts, just guys messing up in front of me, me getting shuffled out of the groove, bad lane choices on my part, everything didn't go my way.

Cliff did a really good job keeping my head in it, coached me through saving fuel. Yeah, I mean, I had a lot of hope there at the end thinking that the 18 might run out.

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