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June 27, 2021

Leona Maguire

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta Athletic Club

Press Conference

Q. This is the sixth top 20 in 11 tournaments; not bad, no?

LEONA MAGUIRE: I felt like I played really solid all week. Stuck to my game plan. I played some really solid golf. I was very disciplined, went at pins that I could go at and played smart at other holes. Only put one ball in the water this week, which I felt was pretty good. Overall to have had a total under par around this golf course is something I'm really happy with.

Q. Sometimes with majors it's a matter of surviving and staying there and not losing. Is that how you felt this week, that you just stayed there?

LEONA MAGUIRE: Yeah, I mean, you had to be so patient on this golf course. I mean, the leaders are shooting some incredible scores, but for me it was kind of hanging in there, taking the chances when I got them. If I could have holed a few more putts could have been a bit better, but overall happy with how I played, and I think it might be my best major finish so far, so yeah, progress.

Q. What are your plans now for the rest of the season?

LEONA MAGUIRE: Taking next week off. It's been three weeks in a row, so I need a break. So I'm going back to Orlando, and then three weeks in a row, Marathon, Dow, and then back to Europe for Evian and hopefully off to the Olympics then.

Q. We were talking about how much you look forward to the Olympics; do you know any of the athletes from the Irish Olympic team, especially the women that are going there?

LEONA MAGUIRE: Yeah, I know quite a few. I've been lucky enough to get to know quite a few of them back at our Institute of Sport in Dublin where I go when I'm home. Yeah, there's plenty of them that have been doing incredible things, so it'll be fun to cheer them on in Tokyo and kind of share that experience with them, too.

Q. Can you mention some of them?

LEONA MAGUIRE: Oh, yeah, there's so many. I know quite a lot on the Irish hockey team. Obviously Sanita Puspure has a great chance at a medal in the rowing, as does a of the rowing team. It was great to see Kelly Harrington qualify. I know we'll have some great athletes. Phil Healy will be there hopefully; Ellen Keane in the Paralympics, as well. Looking forward to watching her compete in the pool. So yeah, there's going to be hopefully some medals going home to Ireland.

Q. Talking about the women athletes in Ireland, you've been involved in a campaign with KPMG about really showcasing the women's athletes from Ireland and like putting them in the right place. Can you explain a little bit about that?

LEONA MAGUIRE: Yeah, I mean, we were part of the 20 By 20 campaign, which the slogan was "Can't See, Can't Be." It was all about sort of getting the visibility to female role models in sport in Ireland and across the world.

I was fortunate enough to be one of the ambassadors, KPMG's ambassador. They were a great supporter of the campaign, and it was a great success. The public really bought in. The media really bought in. Great companies like KPMG were involved, and also the athletes, as well. They were doing incredible things. It was fun for the public, the Irish fans to cheer them on, as well.

Hopefully they'll have some great things to cheer on in Tokyo and we can sort of build on that momentum of that campaign.

Q. You have your sister here with you this week. Any talks with her during the week, anything specific? How good was it to have her here with you?

LEONA MAGUIRE: Yeah, she's been out here for a few weeks. It's definitely been really nice to have her here. She knows my game just as well as me. I was struggling with my driver a little bit some of the practice days, and she pointed out my alignment was a bit off, so we worked a little bit on that on the driving range, which is a simple thing, but yeah, really great to have her here.

She's going home at the weekend. Yeah, she hadn't been out since Australia of last year, so it's been a break, so I think she enjoyed getting away from home for a little bit out to the sun, and it was fun for me having her here.

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