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June 26, 2021

Reggie Jackson

LA Clippers

Game 4: Postgame

Phoenix Suns 84, Los Angeles Clippers 80

Q. You guys stayed positive at the end, even when you couldn't score after getting stops. How much heart does this team have? Is there more in the tank?

REGGIE JACKSON: Definitely more in the tank. We're focused on getting one more game by going into a hostile environment but most important thing is figure out how we can be better from this game. Feel like we played well defensively. I have to play better offensively. Try to do more to find me some shots.

These ones we did have tonight, we felt like will go in next game. Unfortunate break but we're ready for the challenge.

Q. How difficult is it in the fourth quarter to generate points? Was the challenge more from what they were doing or what you guys were doing?

REGGIE JACKSON: They were playing very solid defense. They were trying to follow us in certain spots on the court, but we felt like we had some good looks. Some of them didn't fall and some of that them we did have we passed up on. We put ourselves in late shot clock situations at times and a couple key turnovers at the end. Feel like we can be better. We'll watch the film. Main focus is going into Phoenix into a hostile environment and get Game 5.

Q. Seems like in the fourth quarter, the game was stuck on 71-70. The trips down the floor, was it their defense or poor shot selection that you guys couldn't get over the hump there?

REGGIE JACKSON: We had some good looks. Shots just wouldn't drop unfortuantely. But they did a great job all night. Tried to crowd the ball, played well, came out and hit early. Felt like we took a good punch and came back and battled.

In that fourth quarter we wished we could have got some buckets to go. Going to go watch some film and figure out ways to be better and hopefully make some of those looks that we had next game in Game 5. And then just figure out another way to attack them offensively.

So it's a game of adjustments. I think they made a great adjustment tonight. They were fortunate enough to come out with a win, unfortunately for us. But this team has a lot of fight. We have a lot of fight, a belief and a lot of faith in ourselves and a never say die mentality. So we'll be ready to go for Game 5.

Q. You've come back from down 0-2 and staved off elimination in the first round but this is 3-1. Does that feel any different?

REGGIE JACKSON: No. We've been down before. It's tough. We've had our backs against the wall and we've been in elimination games. Team is ready and this team is confident and like I said, figure out how to be better, myself, especially. I have to figure out how to be better and help the team find a shot every time I'm on the court.

Q. This is 17 games in 36 days in these playoffs. How are your legs? We are looking at why there are so many missed shots. Do you think fatigue contributed?

REGGIE JACKSON: Possibly can be, but we're fortunate enough to be one of the four teams still standing. It is what it is. So it's a battle of attrition right now. Guys are doing everything they can to make sure they get their rest, stay recovered and come back in the best possible shape they can to find a way to be successful.

Yeah, I mean, it's a crazy schedule. It's gone fast, but we've all been dealt the same cards. So we know we've got to get ready, and it's going to be a challenge in Game 5. It's going to be a mental battle. It's going to be a mental battle and of course it's going to be a physical battle between two great teams.

Q. Considering what you did on the defensive end, how much tougher does it make this loss?

REGGIE JACKSON: Any loss is tough at this point, at this juncture in the season. To play that well defensively and to be stuck at 71-70 for so long tonight, break that, get the lead and try to push the score a little bit, it was a little difficult. Felt like we were battling uphill from when they started the game off tonight. Hats off to the way that they came out.

I think this team is resilient. This team is mentally tough and everybody is focusing on what they are doing back there, recovering. We’ll make sure we go get this rest, get on this plane, go to Phoenix and make sure we come out with a Game 5 win.

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