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June 26, 2021

Kyle Larson

Long Pond, Pennsylvania

Press Conference

An Interview with:

Q. We saw you take a mandatory ride over here, Kyle. Ultimately ninth. That does not tell the story of the day.

KYLE LARSON: I guess disbelief still. I don't know, a little bit laughable just because I can't believe it.

Hate that we didn't get another win. Would have been cool to win five in a row. Just wasn't meant to be I guess today. Yeah, I felt something like right in the middle of the tunnel. Wasn't quite sure what it was yet. It finally kind of shredded halfway through the short chute there. Couldn't turn.

Hate that we didn't get the win. Cool that Alex still did, a Hendrick car with another win. Cool to keep Mr. H's streak going.

Yeah, hate we didn't get HendrickCars.com into Victory Lane, but we'll try to start another streak tomorrow.

Q. How would you describe all the moves you had to try on him, ultimately getting him? Do you think they abused the tire at all?

KYLE LARSON: No, I mean, I don't think there were any tire issues all day. I must have just ran something over, I guess. I was having to work really hard to get by him. I was honestly happy to see him get to the lead because I had pulled away from him so much, that run up before the caution. But then he was really fast out front. Just fast enough I could never get to his inside. He was running low enough, I was a little bit choked down.

He was starting to get really tight through one. I was able to kind of use that to my advantage, fake him low a little bit, mess his angle up, get him tighter off of one. Was finally able to get by him. Thought we were going to get the win, but we didn't.

Q. How anxious are you to recrank the heater and get that going for tomorrow afternoon?

KYLE LARSON: I guess that's one thing that's probably keeping me excited and not depressed, is that we get to go back again tomorrow. I'm sure our backup car will be just as good as that one. Feel like we learned a lot about our car today. The track came to us a lot. I think we should be good tomorrow.

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