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June 26, 2021

Russell Henley

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Quick Quotes

Q. Can you explain how the challenge with the wind affected your play? Great front nine, challenging back nine.

RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, challenging front nine I played really well on the front. Feel like the back there was is few holes where you're really exposed to the wind and you kind of go up against the tree line down there around the 14, 15, 16 area, and the wind doesn't hit it as much at times.

Yeah, it was difficult to judge. I felt like every hole was a little different in how was it affecting it. You just to had to commit to your shots.

Q. Usually we talk to guy about leaderboards on Sunday, but with as much fluctuation as there was, were you aware of what was going on or do you put blinders on and stay within yourself?

RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, I took a couple glances, but end of the day there is really nothing today that I was going to do to make me change my game plan. Every shot you're trying to hit to a certain point on the green or keep it on this or that side of the hole.

My game plan wasn't going to change, so I didn't look too much. Just got to keep your head down and keep making birdies out here.

Q. With the wind being what it was, holes 15, 16, 17, how much harder did it get on Saturday and Sunday when you've got these kind of conditions?

RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, I thought I played 15, judged it beautifully. Didn't make a birdie but I was happy with the club selection and commitment to the shot. Same with 16. Hit a beautiful 6-iron, chipped one in the wind pretty much stopped. Had a gust when I was over it and kind of stopped as I hit the ball.

Couple yards is usually the difference out here and really good shot and put yourself in a tough spot. You just got to guess right and hit quality shots.

Q. It's cliche, but is there something you picked up last week at the U.S. Open that you can put into use tomorrow?

RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, probably I can handle more pressure than I thought I could. I've always known under the gun in contention I feel like I've been able to handle it and win a few times out here, but last week was more pressure than I've experienced. So that gives me confidence. Everybody is so good out here and you got to keep playing good golf all the way to the very end to have a chance.

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