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June 24, 2021

Devin Booker

Phoenix Suns

Game 3: Postgame

Clippers 106, Suns 92

Q. How much do you think the nose affected you tonight?

DEVIN BOOKER: The nose feels fine. We just lost the game.

Q. What has Patrick Beverley done the last couple games defensively that you feel like has been effective?

DEVIN BOOKER: He's ultra aggressive. He's denying, limiting touches. He has one objective out there, and we understand that. So I feel like other things should open up, and we have to look at the film and see what's open and see what we can get.

Q. It's been a while since you guys lost a basketball game. What was the conversation in the postgame locker room?

DEVIN BOOKER: The spirit is high. We move on to the next one. That's what type of team we are. We've been like that the whole season, so we'll stick with that. We'll come in tomorrow, go over film, regroup and get ready for Game 4.

Q. What were some of the biggest differences with Chris Paul on the floor?

DEVIN BOOKER: I think getting his wind under him, coming back coming off of a virus, not doing any activity for a few days. But he's ready to go. He's ready to get to practice tomorrow and ready to get back at it.

Q. What about the conversation that you and Monty have in looking at film?

DEVIN BOOKER: That's the name of the game. You go and watch film and see what we could have done better. We've been doing that since we started playing basketball. So you watch film to improve and to see what you might have missed in a high-tempo game. We're going to regroup.

Q. How much did you guys miss Cam Payne tonight?

DEVIN BOOKER: A lot. I hope his ankle is doing okay. Obviously, he's been a spark for us. He's made a lot happen for us when he's been out there. I just hope he's in good health. I'll check up on him after we get out of here.

Q. Assuming this is the first time you played with a mask, how did you adjust to it? Can you talk about talking to Rip [Hamilton].

DEVIN BOOKER: It's fine, honestly. I honestly don't really see it or it doesn't affect me. I did talk to Rip about it. I've been preaching for a long time, he's my favorite player of all time. I've had short conversations with him in the past, and I thought this was the perfect time to talk to him some more and get some advice.

He chopped it up with me for a minute, gave me some great feedback, put me in the right mindset to go out there. We just have to be better next game.

Q. What did he say?

DEVIN BOOKER: He said he stuck with it because putting on his face put him in character. He felt comfortable getting in the paint. He felt like he had extra protection, he had an extra layer. He said, just don't worry about it. Don't take it off when you shoot free throws, and just don't let it be a distraction to you.

Q. In terms of getting to your spots tonight, did you like the quality of shots that you were getting for yourself?

DEVIN BOOKER: I'd have to re-watch it and see. I think so. Just sort of thinking back, I know that I missed some that I usually make or should make, but that's part of the game.

Q. You told Rachel on the broadcast your nose was broken in three spots and you had to get it set. Just walk us through when you found out the severity of the injury. Were you able to get sleep the way you normally would? What was that process like?

DEVIN BOOKER: That was probably the worst part. It's a procedure that they put you under for, but we had a flight out a couple hours later. So they just numbed it up, all over the place, it felt like. Eight shots to numb it up, and they go in there and put it back. They break it again. They break it back in place. That was my first time experiencing that. But they said Cam Johnson went through that, so I knew I could. (Laughter).

Q. After Game 4 of the Lakers series, you'd had kind of two rough shooting games, kind of like this, and Monty said he told you just go hoop. Go hunt a shot in the next game. How do you process mini slumps like this? Are you receptive to conversations with other people in it, or are you a guy like leave me alone, I'll fix it myself?

DEVIN BOOKER: A mix of both, I would say. I always hear people out, especially people I respect like Monty. I've been playing this game for a long time. I've gone through every type of shooting slump that you can think of. The best advice that my dad gave me when I moved with him when I was 13 years old is have a short memory in this game. On to the next play and on to the next game and on to the next possession.

So the quicker you can have a short memory and just be confident in yourself and the work you've put in -- I've pretty much seen every type of situation on the court, so I believe in my work. Next game's going to be better.

Q. The last time you lost a game here, it was two days and then you went on the streak you're on. Is there anything after those two days, after Game 3 of the Lakers series, that you guys approached bouncing back that could help you guys this time around?

DEVIN BOOKER: We keep our gym the same. That was my first time experiencing it. After we won one versus the Lakers and lost two, we're down 2-1 in L.A. You come in the gym, and still everyone is laughing and having a good time, but focused at the same time. There's an understanding around the team what our next objective is and what we have to do. So it's not really talked about that much. You can just feel it in the energy, even when you're laughing, having a good time out there. Everybody is zeroed in and locked in.

Q. You and Chris both had bad shooting nights early and were going to D.A. early in the first quarter. I'm wondering what got you guys away from that as the game went on.

DEVIN BOOKER: I'd have to go back. The game happened so fast. So that's what the film is for. Yeah, that's that.

Q. It seems like late in these games they seem to have a shot to answer a lot of what you guys are doing. How do you go about containing them when they go five out like that and they have all those shooters on the floor?

DEVIN BOOKER: I think the biggest thing is just guarding your man so you're not in rotation. They play a five-out style of basketball when they go to that small-ball lineup. I think they're just trying to drive and kick. Stay in front of your man to keep the team out of rotation.

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