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June 22, 2021

Reggie Jackson

LA Clippers

Game 2: Postgame

Phoenix Suns 104, Los Angeles Clippers 103

Q. Cam Payne stepping in, what have you seen in the first two games from him?

REGGIE JACKSON: He's been playing his game. He's dangerous. Allowed him a starting role. He's just been playing aggressive. Really got going. I think we figured out some ways to bottle him up a little bit, but he's been playing extremely well and he's been a catalyst in their two wins.

Q. You guys have been in some tough spots, but knowing that two free throws away from being up three in that situation, how tough of a spot is this team in now down 0-2?

REGGIE JACKSON: What? How tough of a spot? (Shrugging shoulders). We lost two on the road. It’s not a series until somebody lose at home. Hats off to them. They played well. They got two wins.

Q. You know Paul as well as anybody. How did he take it?

REGGIE JACKSON: We'll see. I think he's good. Personally I think he's good.

Q. You guys are playing every other day for the entire month of June. How tired are you?

REGGIE JACKSON: Not. We all got to deal with the same rigorous schedule. No excuses.

Q. Defending Booker, has that changed at all from Game 1 to Game 2? Any more emphasis on what you're trying to clean up on after Game 1?

REGGIE JACKSON: Just not let him get some room. Just not letting him get too much rhythm. Pat did a great job trying to disrupt him earlier. Kept him bottled up for most of the night. I liked that matchup. I like that matchup. Great player. Got a great defender, and you've got a dog who is ready to go out there and compete each and every night. We have a couple guys, throw multiple bodies at him but I like the way that we defended him tonight.

He played really well in Game 1. Held him down a little more today in Game 2, and you know, we'll get back to it in Game 3.

Q. How do you expect to bounce back? This loss seemed to sting.

REGGIE JACKSON: Probably more stinging to most people. Sucks to be right there and lose. But it's basketball. Ball can bounce any way. We're a confident group. Like I said, we're going to put this one behind us. We're going to go watch film, figure out some more adjustments, things that we can do better.

But I like our odds. I like our odds. I like this team. I like our fight. We're going to keep our heads up. We'll move on and go home and get ready for Game 3. That's the only game that matters right now.

Q. What was the locker room like?

REGGIE JACKSON: It's all good. It was all good. Like I said, it was tough. Tough loss but we all good.

Q. What have you learned about the Suns from the first two games that you didn't know before the series?

REGGIE JACKSON: Nothing. I mean, since we played them, we've played them three times. They are a tough team. We played them in the bubble actually. They are on the rise. Everyone thought it was possibly a fluke. They came out; they stamped themselves. They brought in a great leader, Chris Paul. They have been playing tough throughout the whole year. They have been fortunate enough to be healthy and build some continuity, and so they have a great team.

We know what we have in front of us. I still like our odds. I think we have a great team as well and we are looking forward to Game 3.

Q. Is there anything from your personal experience prior to this season that you've drawn on when you're down or the odds are longer or anything like that?

REGGIE JACKSON: God's good. I've been injured many years. I was injured in Detroit a lot. God is good and because of that I'm able to play basketball. I'm just enjoying this game. Going out and trying to put everything I can into it and give my teammates all I can and enjoy the game, that's about it.

Q. Have you discussed the possibility of that lob play? Looked like you were talking about offensive interference afterwards but did you guys discuss that possibility during the time-out?

REGGIE JACKSON: What, that the lob was coming?

Q. Yeah.

REGGIE JACKSON: Yeah, that's the NBA. Everybody kind of knows under a second, you're probably going to get a lob.

Q. It just seemed like there was confusion about the offensive interference afterwards, that's all.

REGGIE JACKSON: Oh, I mean, it's a little rule book thing. It's one of those in-bound, can't goal-tend. Doesn't matter what's happening. Shoot, you can just shoot at the basket, somebody touches it, it goes in. I knew that. I think a few of us knew it. Trying to relate to the guys. All we are trying do is get resettled and find a way to get a win in Game 2. Unfortunately, we didn't do so, but we'll figure out a way to be better.

Q. You guys love a challenge; is this kind of like, you like to rally?

REGGIE JACKSON: We'd like to not dig these 0-2 holes but we are enjoying the game. Any time that you lace up, it's a challenge. We love to be challenged and we love to be tested and we like to find out who we are. All we can ask for is health and go out and play this game with the utmost ability that we can and the most joy that we can. Play as selfless as you can. Play for your brothers. Play for your teammates. And you know, also play for every man on your back. Go out there and just give it your all. Like I said, at the end of the day, we'll see where the chips fall. That's how we are going to take it.

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