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June 21, 2021

Heather Watson

Eastbourne, England, UK

Devonshire Park

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You had a pretty good week in Birmingham last week, getting to the semifinals. Now very, very tough draw here against Iga. How are you feeling generally? What are you going to try to bring to that match against a really tough opponent?

HEATHER WATSON: Yeah, last week in Birmingham was a positive week for me, especially with my results recently. From how I felt before my first match in the tournament to how I feel now is two completely different people.

Yeah, I just didn't have any confidence going into the tournament. Obviously I hadn't really been winning any matches. Then after the tournament, I actually feel great. I feel like I played some of my best tennis, especially in that quarterfinal against Donna Vekic. I have been serving amazing really.

I always love the grass. I always play well on it. It suits my game. So I'm feeling now compared to a week ago super confident going into my match against Iga. Obviously she's an amazing player and it will be really tough, but I really look forward to the challenge.

Q. You played her before a couple years ago I think. What do you remember from that match and what do you sort of take away from it?

HEATHER WATSON: Yeah, I played her in Toronto, I think it was. I remember she had a very big serve, and secondly, big forehand.

She obviously likes the clay a lot. Her game, she's got a big game, and I think on the clay it works well because she's got that time. So hopefully on the grass I can play some aggressive tennis, try and take some time away, and just play my game really, play how I have been playing.

Q. There are some players who maybe it doesn't matter geographically where on the planet they are playing, and there are some players who really relish playing home soil on grass. I think you might be the latter?

HEATHER WATSON: Yeah, I really do love playing on home soil, playing on the grass. I have got friends in all the cities that we play in, in Nottingham, Birmingham, Eastbourne, Wimbledon, so it's always nice to usually have them coming to the tournaments and supporting me. It really gives me that home feel.

Like I said before, I just love the grass. I feel like it really complements my game. I just enjoy playing on it.

Q. Obviously it was quite a good week at Queen's for the Brits generally, and you got to the semifinals in Birmingham. Does that kind of give a bit of a lift to everyone when you get a decent smattering of Brit results?

HEATHER WATSON: Yeah, I think so. I think it was so great to see Cam do so well at Queen's. Jack on his debut there. Evo has been consistently performing for a long time. Jo won Nottingham the first week and then I've made the semifinals last week.

It's all really positive, especially, you know, those few players, there's quite a few players so we are all quite close-knit and we all get on well. I know everybody follows each other's results.

Yeah, it's definitely positive. It's great to see. Especially when you're around them training all the time to see the hard work paying off, it's really nice to see.

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