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June 19, 2021

Jennifer Kupcho

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Blythefield Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. I would imagine especially on a course like this walking off 18 with a birdie leaves a good taste in your mouth heading into tomorrow.

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I mean, I played really well today. Definitely left a couple shots out there, but to get that birdie on 18 was nice. Nice boost into tomorrow.

Q. Obviously you never want bogeys on the card, but especially at a course like this where so many people are making birdies, how important is it to eliminate any bogeys in the final round with yourself in contention and to continue to climb the leaderboard and make those birdies?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I mean, definitely really important. I mean, the leaders aren't making very many bogeys, and if they are, they're making a lot of birdies. You still have to play aggressive to make all those birdies, so just go out and be aggressive.

See what I can do.

Q. Where is Jennifer Kupcho's game in terms of climbing the leaderboard and finding the winner's circle?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: We'll see. I think it's going to take a deep number tomorrow, so just go out and play aggressive and see if I can roll in some putts.

Q. Is this your first time playing Blythefield?


Q. How much did it change from your first time that you may remember?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think it's a lot different. I mean, it was flooded in 2019, so that's different. I think a lot of the placements of the new bunkers off the tee really makes you think off the tee, especially on the holes coming in, so it makes it a little interesting.

Q. Is there pressure, more pressure that you put on yourself in tournaments like this where everybody is going low versus a major next week where the scores probably aren't going to be as low? Do you put more pressure to find birdies and want to continue to climb, or is it kind of as it goes?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Kind of just as it goes honestly. This is my fifth week in a row, and honestly didn't really practice that much Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, so a little bit of a low week for me, easy week.

I just happen to be playing good, so not going to put my more pressure on myself. I just want to get ready for next week.

Q. Yeah. Stay rested, get ready for a major.


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