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June 14, 2021

Viktor Troicki

London, England, UK

Queens Club

Press Conference

V. TROICKI/L. Sonego

6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How are you feeling? Obviously it's a very different grass court season this year with the bubbles and stuff. You have had some good wins the last few days here. Just how are you feeling generally about the grass and the buildup to Wimbledon?

VIKTOR TROICKI: Well, I'm enjoying it, to be honest. Missed it last year. We haven't been able to play grass court season last year unfortunately, but it's definitely my favorite surface.

I had success in my career over the years here, and on grass I played semifinals one year here. So I really enjoy it. Being my, let's say, second-to-last tournament before I end my career, actually my last ATP tournament before a Grand Slam, I really enjoy every moment of it.

It's fun playing on the grass and really happy times for me. I've got nothing to lose, and I give my best and that's it.

Q. I was about to ask you, just to clarify, what was happening with your time. So this is it? After Wimbledon, you're done, yeah?

VIKTOR TROICKI: Yes, I have decided I'm done. I had a struggle over the years whether I should play or, you know, if I continue, but since I was not moving much, not getting back to top 100, and I had issues with my body, couple injuries, different injuries and being 35 already, I think, yeah, I had enough.

I have decided that's enough, and my family is at home. Unfortunately they cannot travel since it's tough to travel these days due to quarantine and bubbles and everything. I really don't enjoy it. Being apart from my family, not seeing my kids grow up, yeah, it's a wise decision I think at this moment.

Definitely it's emotional. It's been my whole life playing tennis. I achieved many things in my career and lived my dream, let's say. And I might miss it, but I think, yeah, I made a wise decision.

Q. What do you think you will do in retirement? Some sports people maybe struggle to fill the time after. What have you got planned?

VIKTOR TROICKI: No, no, I have plans already. Definitely I will not do it just like that. I will stay in tennis. That's for sure. I'm already Davis Cup captain for Serbia. So that's one thing I will be doing and more focusing on that.

And the other thing is Novak is making his academy in Belgrade, which I will be part of. It's a huge project, something that we were all looking forward to and making this happen. Probably this year we will be opening. We are working hard on managing all the things towards the good beginning and really good academy in the future.

Q. I have to ask you about Novak. I mean, that sounds like a great thing you have got going on there to do that with him. Maybe sometimes we don't understand over here, can you maybe just explain as a Serbian how popular and how big a star is Novak in Serbia?

VIKTOR TROICKI: Well, definitely the biggest. I mean, the things he's doing over the years, I mean, it's just unreal. We definitely are a sport nation, and we have a lot of big names in our sport. Nikola Jokic was an MVP NBA player. That's the biggest award a player can get in basketball.

We have a lot of talent as athletes and sportsmen, but to be like Novak, it's something really special. He's pushing the borders and making unbelievable things, making them happen.

It's just fascinating to see how well he comes back from really hard situations in a match and what he's able to achieve. Winning Roland Garros, he again proved that he's "the" best tennis player of all time. I mean, maybe by the numbers he's at 19, but I'm pretty sure he'll pass them, both Rafa and Roger, in that also.

Definitely he's the biggest star we have in Serbia. Not just in sport but in any part of our country. Yeah, it's amazing to know him. It's amazing to share a lot of fun moments during our careers. We grew up together. It's been an amazing trip for both of us. Of course he had an unreal one, but I'm glad I was a part of it.

Q. Do you remember when he was younger, the first time you came across him? It seems as if he's always had this competitive drive, clearly spurred him to do amazing things. Was that always the case?

VIKTOR TROICKI: Yeah, definitely. He was always the best in his generation. I am one year older than him, so since he was the best in his generation, he always played with the older kids. We played a lot of tournaments together and traveled a lot together through Europe.

He always had this -- let's say he always had this thing in his eyes that you can see he's determined to give his everything to be No. 1 and to really believe that he can be the greatest of all time. That was his goal as a kid, and you must have seen that video when he's saying he wants to be No. 1. He was always determined to be No. 1. He's just living his dream and the things he was working towards.

Q. For yourself, what do you look back on as the best moment of your career? What did you enjoy most?

VIKTOR TROICKI: Well, definitely winning Davis Cup in 2010, being a part of the winning team and winning the fifth rubber against France in Belgrade, hometown, in front of the home crowd. It was just, for me, unforgettable moment. I will definitely remember it throughout my life.

I mean, it's the best moment of my life and my career, definitely, by far.

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