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June 13, 2021

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Paris, France

Press Conference

N. DJOKOVIC/S. Tsitsipas

6-7, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk us through that match from your perspective. What were the key moments that swung in Novak's favor?

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: Started playing really short. I felt like my rhythm was off. I really don't know why. It was very strange considering that I started finding my rhythm, finding my shots, my movement on the court was perfect, and suddenly just felt cold and out of it.

It was difficult to readjust. I felt like I kind of lost my game a little bit. I really wish I could understand why things like this happened and evolved. But I was trying to figure it out during my game. It was difficult to come up with something.

It's very unfortunate, very sad in the same way because it was a good opportunity. I was playing good. I was feeling good. Yeah, I lost an opportunity to do something better today.

Q. What was the situation when the physio had to come out and attend to you during the match? Did that have any impact on yourself from about the third set onwards?

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: Not really. Not really. The physio came. Well, I had hip blockage. I thought maybe he could help me unblock my hip. But later it was all right. It went back to normal.

Q. What's the most important thing you got from the experience of competing in your first Grand Slam final both as a person and also in terms of your tennis career?

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: What I learned today is that no matter what, in order for the match to be finished, you have to win three sets and not two. Two sets doesn't really mean anything. It's still one away of winning the entire match.

I don't think I relaxed. I don't think I changed much. I just kept the same pace. I kept the things that were working for me. But it ended up, I don't know, he left the court after two sets to love down, I don't know what happened there, but he came back to me like a different player suddenly.

I don't know. I have no idea. He played really well. He gave me no space.

Q. You said you had the feeling you played a different player after the bathroom break. Was it just his level that he managed to raise? Do you have also the impression that physically he was much better?

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: Felt physically, anticipation maybe, just movement on the court, everything felt much more fresh and much better than before.

I don't know. I kind of felt like he could read my game a bit better suddenly. Good for him. He did well to get there.

Q. Do you feel like these two weeks will help you achieve a Grand Slam title one day? Do you feel closer now than you did two weeks ago or not?

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: I believe, yes, I'm able to play for titles like this. Despite my loss today, I have faith in my game. I very much believe I can get to that point very soon. I was close today. Every opponent is difficult. There's a small difference between the player I played today and the ones from before.

But I think with the same attitude and the same -- if I don't downgrade myself, I see no reason for me not to be holding that trophy one day.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about the difference of facing a player like Novak best-of-three and playing him best-of-five, sort of where the challenge is for you going forward in your career with that?

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: Can you please repeat the question?

Q. Could you talk about the difference between facing Novak best-of-three sets and best-of-five sets, sort of the challenge of playing these great players? I know you beat Federer obviously in Australia. Just that challenge, how you think it will go for the future?

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: Well, it's different. It's all about endurance, if you can keep up with the endurance, keep your level there for longer periods of time, then of course that's what is needed in a Grand Slam.

I played two good sets. I wouldn't call them incredible. I just played really well. It wasn't enough. It wasn't enough. That's a Grand Slam for you. It's the way it is.

Q. As heartbreaking as this loss may be, the nature of the game is that we have to keep going. There's another tournament next week. You are in the draw in Halle. How do you think this experience can help you actually move on to the grass court season?

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: Well, I got a lot of points. I don't know whether I moved up in the rankings or not. I'm happy with the way I performed, the way I tried things, even if they didn't work, considering today as well.

I don't think I have regrets. Could have easily cried, but I see no reason for me crying because I tried everything. I couldn't come up with anything better.

I'm looking forward to the grass court season. I see there is opportunities there for me. I like the grass. I like playing on grass. Didn't have the best results few years ago, before COVID, when I last played on grass.

I'm going to try and adapt my game to this surface. I think I have the game to play good on grass, too. I just need to be open-minded and adapt my game to this new exciting surface.

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