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June 12, 2021

Bryson Nimmer

Ridgeland, South Carolina, USA

Congaree Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. That is the best you played in one of these PGA tournaments.

BRYSON NIMMER: I think so. I think that I tied -- I think I shot 67 once down in Puerto Rico, so probably tied it. It was either that or one better, so.

Q. What was better today than before?

BRYSON NIMMER: I don't know. I think I hit it a little bit better. I definitely drove it better off the tee. I think everybody I've heard this week's been saying it's a second shot golf course and I think it is, but you got to hit a good first shot first or else you're not going to hit a good second shot. So I think the tee shots definitely helped. I think I might have missed one or two fairways the entire day, which really helped.

Q. It's a long golf course, so -- not for you guys, I know.

BRYSON NIMMER: Yeah, it's long for us too. I mean, I felt like I was swinging out of my shoes on a few holes.

Q. Any particular point where you said you got it going, so to speak?

BRYSON NIMMER: Kind of. I mean, I never think I quite got over that like hump. Usually, like for me when I get like 5- or 6-under it's like, all right, ready to go. And we kept like trying to make that push and I just never really could. I had really good looks coming in pretty much all the holes on the way in, but just couldn't get any to go in.

Q. About 15 feet or so on 17?

BRYSON NIMMER: Yeah, I think I had about nine feet on 16. About 15 on 17. 15 on 18. It happens.

Q. You play a little later tomorrow.

BRYSON NIMMER: A little bit. I'm hoping it's not too late, I kind of like the morning tee time. It was kind of nice. Cooler.

Q. I remember at the Heritage I was talking to your family and they kind of said that, that -- I think you played afternoon the first day and came back and played morning and played better -- and they kind of said they thought you liked to get going earlier in the day. So, like, what do you think -- any particular reason for that?

BRYSON NIMMER: Yeah, I think it's just you play amateur golf and college golf and everything that prepares us for this and we never really have afternoon tee times. I mean, it's kind of weird to say that that affects you, but, I mean, in college I think the latest tee time I ever had was like noon and amateur golf kind of the same thing. So it's just kind of getting used to -- you got to like kill time and find a way not to get to the golf course too early, just kind of do nothing all morning. So I think it, that just takes some getting used to, but I'll get used to that.

Q. We talked a lot about the crowd and stuff you've had following you at a couple of events here. Seemed like it was a bigger one today. I guess looking back we talked earlier this week, Heritage that first day a little nerves and then played better the next day. And then today another like big crowd out there, so is there any, like, even, I mean, phase you at all or affect you or is it just sort of, like, this sort of, like, this quickly sort of like just another round?

BRYSON NIMMER: I think I talked to you guys at the Heritage and it was one of those things like getting comfortable out here. And today was the first day came out and I felt like I was just out playing golf. I wasn't worried about anybody watching or anything like that. And I think that's -- this is my fifth round since the first round at Heritage, so I think it take about five rounds now that I figured out to kind of get comfortable.

Q. Is that something that's conscious or do you just think that just doing it and then just sort of getting used to it?

BRYSON NIMMER: I think it's totally subconscious. I mean, I think you're not even trying to think about it. And, obviously, you got all your coaches and stuff telling you, Don't think about it, breathe. But you're going to think about it. So I'm doing everything I can out there not to worry about everything else going on, but it's going to be there either way.

Q. When you were walking off there looking at everybody around the green was it mostly like familiar faces or do you feel like you knew everybody who was out there and there were just a lot of folks from the area that you didn't know?

BRYSON NIMMER: For the most part. I think Bluffton is such a small town and Ridgeland and Hilton Head and all the area that I've gotten to know a lot of the people and everything and they're all great people. So a lot of familiar faces. I was pretty surprised by how big that crowd on 18 was. I think we kind of slowly picked people up as we went. So the front nine wasn't a huge crowd and then by like 13, 14 we had a pretty good following. So that was awesome.

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