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June 10, 2021

Jennifer Kupcho

Daly City, California, USA

Lake Merced Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, that front nine there, nice little eagle to start off the day a couple holes in. Take me through the beginning of I don't round.

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I was playing really well, striking the ball pretty good, putting well. I been working on my lag putting and that came in very handy today.

I think honestly just playing with Shanshan she kind of just has a big smile all the time and doesn't really care about anything, and I think that helped lighten the mood for me as well. I'm pretty emotional on the course, so I think that helped as well.

Q. Have you played with Shanshan before?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I haven't; first time. I knew she was definitely like that, but it's just different being in that environment.

Q. Did she say anything, quick quips or anything that made you giggle?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: No, not really. I know on the third hole she hit in the bunker on the par-3 and she just kind of laughed, so I definitely never have had that reaction to a golf shot, so it's a different type of game.

Q. I know the last couple of holes it was a little up and down getting used to this kind of golf course here. What do you think of Lake Merced and what do you think is brings out this your game?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think it's a really good golf course. I think you have to have both a draw and a fade, brings both types of shots. And greens are definitely tricky, pretty big, not really easy to read. So just of to trust it and I think it's a really great golf course.

Q. It's not with the crazy rough like Olympic, but does have its own set of challenges. How many times did you feel like you had to get yourself out of position when -- if you're hitting a rough every so often?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Honestly, I didn't feel like the rough was too bad. You can kind of hit it in it and get it out. I mean, I hit -- I put myself in pretty bad positions on the par-5s, but was able to hit it up close to the green surprisingly. So I think it's definitely different than Olympic.

Q. How much do you think last week at Olympic prepares you for this week?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think that Olympic definitely tested my patience, so to come out here and struggle up and down on the back nine, I think I was able to stay calm as well.

Q. I know you were saying you have been working on lag putting, but what will you focus on tomorrow?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: My driver was a little shaky and I think I figured out a couple things on the course, so going to go try it on the range and get myself ready for tomorrow.

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