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June 6, 2021

Patrick Murphy

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Alabama Crimson Tide

Postgame Press Conference

Florida State - 2, Alabama - 0

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by head coach Patrick Murphy.

Q. What was the discussion on who to start tonight, and why did that eventually result in Lexi?

COACH MURPHY: She gives us a good chance to win, that's the only reason.

Q. Lonni said the rain delay shifted their strategy in pitching. What were your thoughts with the rain delay and your approach to who pitches today?

COACH MURPHY: There wasn't a difference. No difference for us.

Q. Could you talk about the offense? First two games of the World Series, everything seemed to be going right. Just what happened tonight as far as not being able to see Caylan?

COACH MURPHY: They're two really good pitching performances. We only had one runner at second base. You're not going to win very many games when you only get one runner to second. And she doesn't move from there.

So we had first and second and one out. I think we got a K and a 4-to-3. And that can't be your only threatening inning. So tip your cap to their pitchers, and we need to do a better job tomorrow night offensively.

Q. Your student-athletes said they're ready to go right now if the opportunity presented itself. Talk about the NCAA decision to go and push back both games to tomorrow.

COACH MURPHY: I appreciate it. I 100 percent would say that Lonni did not want to play tonight after another game. So I think that's a smart decision on their part.

And in the future I'm sure that everybody on the NCAA side would love to sit down and just talk about options for perhaps a better bracket, you know? And they've always said that to me. They say think outside the box, and I'm sure that this committee would listen to some coaches. And I think that's something that really needs to be looked at after the World Series. And I'm sure they're thinking about it, too, because nobody wants to be playing until 3.00 a.m. and no fan wants to be in the stands until 3.00 a.m.

So I think it was a smart decision on their part. I appreciate it.

Q. Maddie said in her press conference that the team felt like they were pressing a little bit today. You've said in the past that they're one of the most gritty, resilient teams; do you just expect them to come really free tomorrow and just play their best ball with their backs against the wall?

COACH MURPHY: Yeah, definitely. And maybe the delay hurt us a little bit. I don't know, because I thought we were ready to go. And then you have to sit back and wait a little bit and come back out.

But Kilfoyl, she struck out nine, gave us a chance to win. Their first run was a bases-loaded walk, which stinks. But she made some really, really good pitches.

And again on the offensive side of it, we didn't support her. And again their pitchers did a good job. So we need to do a better job at that and really bring some good energy tomorrow night.

Q. You kind of just hit on it, talking about the rain delay. How much do you think that may have hurt the energy of the team or maybe even the whole stadium? Seemed like after that things were kind of dead all around.

COACH MURPHY: Yeah, it seemed like it scared some people away. And that happens with either lightning or rain or whatever when there's a delay. And are you going to sit around for two hours and go back to the stadium, or are you going to sit in your car for an hour and say, okay, I'll watch it on TV?

So you might be right about that. It just kind of deflated the crowd a little bit. But you're playing for a chance to play in the national championship. It should not have affected us at all.


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