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June 1, 2021

Mel Reid

San Francisco, California, USA

The Olympic Club

Quick Quotes

Q. This will be your first Women's Open stage at the Olympic Club. What do you think of the course so far, and what makes it so difficult?

MEL REID: I think it's an unbelievable golf course. I think this is how a U.S. championship should be, really tough. If you shoot even par around here, you've got a really good chance of winning the tournament.

Yeah, I think when the guys played I think 1-over, Webb Simpson won with 1-over, so rough is up, airways are tight, greens are good. Yeah, I just think it's going to be a great test. I'm really looking forward to it. It's nice to play a course that the guys have played as well.

Q. Coming into this week, how do you feel about your current form? Anything new or different that you're working on for this week?

MEL REID: Not really. Just working hard as usual. I feel like my practices have been going really well the last couple of weeks. Yeah, I feel like my game is in pretty good shape. Obviously, this week it's going to be a lot about strategy.

I think the thing is you can come to a U.S. Open and think you have to hit it perfect, and that's obviously not the case, so we're going to prep a little bit different this year.

But I feel like my game is in good shape.

Q. The last six majors have been won by different first time winners. Why do you think that is, and can you continue this trend?

MEL REID: I would love to continue the trend. It would be a big party in Derby if I did. I think just because the strength and the depth out here is so good. I feel like the men, like the top 20 players, finish top 20 most weeks. I think here it's not the case. People don't understand how good these girls are on the LPGA and the depth of the Tour on the LPGA.

It's been a great world tour for many years now, and I just think the girls coming out now are so, so good and the veterans are getting good again. Just the strength of it is pretty extraordinary, honestly.

Q. This course and the climate seems to suit you. Is that true? If so, why?

MEL REID: I live in Florida now, so it doesn't suit me that much. Maybe if I still lived in England it would. I've grown up in much worse conditions than this. I'm trying to feel that out again.

Like I said, it's just one of those golf courses you've got to try to take doubles off the card because they're very easy to come by.

Yeah, like I said, it's all about strategy this week. You've got to play extremely smart and be extremely patient.

Q. Is it fair to say the U.S. Women's Open is the biggest event in the female game? If so, what would it mean as a Brit to win?

MEL REID: I am going to contradict that. I think the British Open, obviously because I'm British. With the biggest prize money in the USGA, it's life changing if you win the U.S. Open. That's really the only difference. I personally -- obviously, I would love to win a U.S. Open because I think it would be something that would be very, very cool to achieve in your career.

It's certainly up there with your top two majors, but obviously being British, the British Open is my number one.

Q. How would you describe your year so far?

MEL REID: Pretty consistent. I've missed one cut which I was actually injured. I probably shouldn't have been playing. Apart from that, I've not finished outside the top 28 or something. So consistent. I would have liked a few more top tens.

Yeah, I feel like it's the most consistent to start the season. That obviously shows the work we're doing is definitely on the right track.

Q. How highly does the Olympics play in your mind at the moment with two majors in four weeks and then the cutoff point. Are you thinking about the Olympics?

MEL REID: I mean, obviously, it would be great to be in it. I'm in a great position right now. I've just got to keep my head down and keep doing what I can control, which is playing good golf, and it takes care of itself, doesn't it?

Yeah, as someone who grew up as a multi-sport athlete, I think that it would be a pretty cool achievement to play in the Olympics and something that's always kind of been on my radar since the Olympics -- since golf kind of got into the Olympics.

Also, I think it's a great opportunity to grow the game. I think you're going to get so many new eyes on the game of golf during the Olympics, and it would be a pretty cool place to represent your country, represent your nation.

Yeah, it's certainly in my mind, but like I said, I can only control what I can control and just do my thing really.

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