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June 1, 2021

Georgia Hall

San Francisco, California, USA

The Olympic Club

Press Conference

Q. Georgia Hall, this will be your first or this will be the first U.S. Women's Open at the Olympic Club. And what are your impressions of the course so far?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think it's incredible, one of the best golf courses I've ever played. It's set up pretty tough, which is always nice to see. That's what a U.S. Open is supposed to be like.

So just kind of like playing par golf around here and the course is in fantastic condition, so I can't wait to tee it up on Thursday.

Q. Is there anything unique about this course as compared to some other courses you've played in major championships?

GEORGIA HALL: The fairways and greens are tiny and -- which, is always nice. And, yeah, I mean, you know, it's right by the ocean so can be a lot colder. Where we're staying even 20 minutes inland even is a lot warmer than here. It's strange. You have to take every bit of clothing you have with you.

Yeah, it's good fun.

Q. Coming into this week how is your form? Is there anything new or different in your preparation for this?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, I had three weeks off at home, which was lovely and I got to freshen up, you know, take a little bit of time away from golf, which was nice after three months on the road.

But, yeah, I feel my form is in pretty good shape and I'm confident and I feel prepared well going into this week.

Q. Now, the men played here in 2012 and Webb Simpson's score was 1-over. Are you expecting something similar this week as a winning score?

GEORGIA HALL: Yes, 100%. If the breeze picks up could be even more than that. We'll just wait and see on the day.

But it is playing very, very tough. We'll see. I think if I can shoot level par four rounds in a row I would be extremely happy.

Q. How penal is the rough?

GEORGIA HALL: It was worse yesterday; a little bit better today. If you do hit it in the rough then it would be fairly hard to hit the green I think, and chipping is like every shot is kind of a bunker shot.

So fairways and greens are very important around here.

Q. Now, you haven't played since Thailand; is that correct?


Q. And did you need a break? Was missing the match play event last week a good idea?

GEORGIA HALL: Yes I 100% needed a break. I was away for the longest I ever been away, three months total playing every event there was, and I was mentally very drained, as anybody would expect, especially in the heat in Singapore and Thailand.

Yeah, it was very important to go home and, like I said, take my mind off golf for a week or ten days, which was needed, when every day I woke up and I was just going to the golf club and playing every single day it was a little bit too much, understandably.

So, yeah, I had a good break, and match play was difficult one for me because I absolutely love the format and I feel I'm very confident in the format and would've done -- I felt I would've been pretty well.

But if you do well then you are playing a lot of golf, and my goal this year is to prioritize the majors, and me playing last week I feel like I wouldn't have been as fresh this week. Yeah, that's why I didn't play.

Q. And that leads me into this question: How would you sum up your performances in the majors since your victory, and obviously how keen are you to win another one?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I'm extremely keen to win another one, especially in the U.S. My majors have -- they've been fine, okay in like Europe, Evian and things like that. I tend to play pretty well at Evian and obviously the British Open.

And the U.S. I haven't had the best result in majors that I would like to. You know, mid-30s isn't really good enough that I would want, especially I've played few years now and in all of them, three, four years.

So, yeah, that's why I'm prioritizing the majors this year, and I really want to be in contention like everyone does and try and do the best I can.

So, yeah, I want to -- that's one of my goals is to do better in the majors this year.

Q. And the last one is: How excited do you think are the women overall to be at a venue like this with all its history?

GEORGIA HALL: Oh, we're extremely excited. U.S. Opens are meant for tough golf courses, and this is probably one the best golf courses I've ever played, and we're all really excited to be here and to play. The setup is incredible.

You know, it should be hard, and I really -- I'm going to enjoy the challenge.

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