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June 1, 2021

Jodi Ewart Shadoff

San Francisco, California, USA

The Olympic Club

Press Conference

Q. Jodi, this will be the first U.S. Women's Open here at Olympic Club. What do you think of the course?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: It's awesome. I mean, it's in pristine condition. It's tough. It's how a U.S. Open should be. The rough is thick. Greens are small.

Feel really confident. Just with my long game being the best part of my game it's definitely an advantage around here.

Q. How do you think the women overall, are they truly excited to be at a venue like this with all its history?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: Oh, 100%. How can you not love being out here. People are treating us amazing, and just to get to play such a historic venue, it's just like an honor really.

Q. And when Webb Simpson won here in 2012 the winning score was 1-over par. Do you think the winning score will be something like that?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: Yeah, just depends what the layout is and how thick the rough is going into the weekend.

But as it is right now I can't foresee under par winning. It's just about patience and taking -- pars are good around here.

Q. Yeah. And how do you feel about your current form and is there anything different or new that you have to prepare for a venue like this?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: I feel pretty good about how I'm striking the ball, which is always good around here. I think short game is a big key. Getting used to the rough around the greens, it's something we're not like incredibly used to, so done a lot of practice out of the rough. And, yeah, just trying to get my short game dialed in, too.

Q. Uh-huh. And then the last question is: The last six majors have been won by different first-time winners. Why do you think that is, and do you think that trend is going to continue?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: I hope so. (Laughter.) I'm not sure why first-time winners seem to be winning the most current majors.

It's always nice to see new people winning and I hope that, like I said, the trend continues this week.

Q. Just to follow up, do you think experience will be a factor here?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: Yeah. I mean, it's -- I think this course is all about mental toughness, and like I said, being patient. So to have that kind of experience coming down the stretch is definitely an advantage.

Q. If you had to take one part of your game that has to be really dialed in this week, which part of your game is going to be most effective here?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: I think every part of my game, but it's really important to get the ball in the fairway, so just with the rough being as thick as it is, just getting the driver dialed in is really important.

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