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May 30, 2021

Hollie Schleicher

Towson , Maryland, USA

Boston College Eagles

Media Conference

Boston College - 16, Syracuse - 10

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Hollie Schleicher.

Q. How did you hold this dynamic offense to two goals in the second half?

HOLLIE SCHLEICHER: You know, I mean, I give so much credit to our defense. We're such a new unit this year. I think it was all just trust, intensity, focus. I mean, Rachel Hall is unstoppable. Started off in the UNC game, carried into this game. Sydney Scales locked down, Mel.

We have so many people that have so many different roles, and I think we just meshed together and worked so hard today. And it just paid off.

Q. What is it like winning this year than a couple years ago you guys finished runner-up to Maryland? What does it mean finally getting over the threshold to win the title?

HOLLIE SCHLEICHER: I mean, I can speak for everyone. I say we dedicate this win to all the alumni, all the people who came before us, the coaches, the staff, the administration, everyone who has worked so hard to get us to this point and get us through that threshold. And this win is for them. They created this foundation and the culture of BCU lacrosse.

Q. Is it great for ACC Lacrosse, bringing home a championship to the league, because playing against Syracuse and showing off how great ACC Lacrosse is?

HOLLIE SCHLEICHER: Oh, yeah, I mean, we're so lucky to be a part of the ACC. Acacia always says it. Even when I was just committed here, I wasn't even here, Acacia always said we wouldn't want to be in any other league, we want to play the best teams all season so we could get to this point and bring home a national championship, and that's what we did. I think we're just grateful to be in that league and be able to compete every single game. So hard.

Q. The second half there, the draw control was so crucial in the early going. Three straight draws to start the second half. And that kind of equates to a 3-0 run. Were there any adjustments made there at halftime to ensure that that would be the case?

HOLLIE SCHLEICHER: Yeah, I mean, I have the best draw staff in the entire country. I give all that credit to Kayla Traenor and Sam and Acacia. I've got the best draw team. Charlotte North just started taking the draw last year, and she's incredible at it. Cara Urbank, I look up to her every day. She is such a beast on the draw circle. I credit all that to them.

Yeah, second half we just came out. I think we just had a little more trust and we knew we needed to get those draw controls to get down to win this game, and that's what we did.

Q. Arguably this was maybe your best game in the midfield all season long. What does it mean to you to show up like that on such a big stage, to you personally, to have your best game at this point in the season?

HOLLIE SCHLEICHER: I mean, it's incredible. I credit all of that to my teammates. My teammates played outstanding today. Could not have done that alone. There's no way in hell. But, I mean, I'm just happy, lucky, grateful to be here. That's really all. Just lock in.


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